I'll walk to the place where no other has traveled

Where a gunshot lingers, a scream echoes

And the chime of a clock signifies the end

And we go to a place where time bends

Like the chirp of a bird's last call

My body will twist and turn, like the tide

Pushing and pulling when elements collide

Gasping and shattering glass across the floor

Waking and rising at death's door

Like the growl of a tiger's last fight

Here my dreams will forever expire

Reality overtakes in the darkest hour

I'll wish to live the nightmares I bear

Because when I wake they're worse there

Like the step of a child's last fall

Black and white will entwine in a song

Playing and singing notes all wrong

I'll hear the melody of death sound

As I go to a place where I'll never be found

Like the howl of a wolf's last night

And I'll never wake to the rising sun

Or fall asleep when its descent is done

Because here is the place where I'll forever lie

Burning in fires until I die

Like the tears of a girl's last breath