For my people lying awake at night

That heavy feeling deep in your stomach

Imagining reviewing regretting wondering

Planning worrying thinking hoping

For my people staring at a negative review

Flames burning deep holes in your heart

You're not good enough, you're wasting time

Nobody sees it all like you

For my people whose creativity comes to a crash

Unable to even think up one sentence more

Thinking about giving it all up

You'll never be able to continue now

For my people discouraged by everyone you know

Friends don't understand it

Family thinks it's just stupid

Because apparently what you do isn't writing

For my people bewildered by a good response

For once, positive feedback

Great work This is good I couldn't stop laughing

You're a great writer I love it Can't wait to read more

Cracked me up Interesting concept

Loved it Keep going Update soon

You are awesome

For my people regaining confidence

You've finally found fans and

People who care. They think you're great

You actually have talent

Let your writing flourish. Let your inspiration be

Endless. Let your words paint a

Million pictures. Let the ever-

Afters be happy and the downfalls

Be tear- jerking. Let each story

Feel like a close friend.

Let you love your work