So when i read a depressing book it affects my poetry. It influenced somethings in this but enough of spoiler that hints at future stuff. The name of the book is catching fire, its the 2nd book in the hunger game series, by Suzane Collins. I absolutely love this series...I literally cried reading this book. Not giving anything away but this poem was fun to write haha enjoy. Feed off my sadness cuz I'm 50 pages away from happiness.

The book inspired me to write this, but I am not using the characters from it, nor do I intend this to be related to the books plot. This is just how I felt reading it.

I want to reach out
But it's forbidden
Blacks out of my mind
In pain
My heart aches as it takes in
Like a venomous snake
Poison leaks through
And I can't control this pain
I burn inside
On fire with blue sparks
I look electrifying
Gasping and fighting
Everything that isn't there
Everything inside my head
My emotions become my weakness
No thoughts of hunger
No tears
No blade
No jumping off of nowhere
No foggy mind
Instead cold
All around me
I see cold