My name is Steve Griswold. I'd like to share with you about the times I've been through from the past until today. I've been through hard times with relationships with girls until today in 2011. I have found the perfect girl that I've liked and I hope she doesn't walk away from me like the other girls I thought that were perfect when I thought they were the perfect girl to spend the rest of my life with. This girl I'm seeing right now that I'm in a relationship with at the moment is named Madeline Evans. I met her when I first got started working on this nature show at National Geographic called How Animals Survive in Las Vegas.

You know the rules in business that you're not supposed to date. It breaks up the companies if a woman and a man start a relationship. Madeline and I are glad that nobody at National Geographic haven't yet found out about us being in a relationship so we plan to keep it quiet. We have talked about our relationship before. We have thought that if anyone at National Geographic or outside of National Geographic found out about our relationship we would break up. I'm glad I've kept her for time being. It makes me glad I've found a girl I've enjoyed somebody's company with.

I've always thought about having a family one day but for now I've had a relationship with Madeline for a short while now, but if you're wondering how long I've been seeing Madeline, I could tell you she and I have been going together for about three months going on four months next month. I know that's not very long, but it was a lot longer than I've dated a girl from the time my best and good friend, Marlene Potsie and I were in high school and college. When I dated a girl back in high school and college, my relationship with the same girl would last about a week or two and the relationship would end at the end of the week.

Once the relationship with that girl in high school and college was over, I would be heartbroken and end up staying in my room and mope around until I would be one hundred percent over it until I finally would start dating a new girl and the same thing would happen. The last girl I saw was back in March and I hadn't dated a girl until I met Madeline and so far our relationship is going great. I hope I can keep seeing her longer. My best friend, Marlene Potsie knows a lot about relationships. I try to follow her advice when we talk about it but she does give good advice on relationships since she is always in a relationship – with teenagers and not men her age besides me. I was her first boyfriend in high school when we met in the tenth grade.

Marlene is glad that I've finally found the girl that is right for me and so far nothing has gone wrong in our relationship – yet, that is. I agree to what Marlene said. Whenever I would have a broken heart back in high school and college, Marlene was always there for me. She still is today when I need her. I'm thankful I have my best friend when I need her. Now, ladies and gentlemen, you know the rest of the story.