Why can't I?

Why can't I be part of that group?

Is there a reason why I'm forced to have help on standby?

Why do I have to be in this group,

be in these classes,

live my life the way you want?

My mind may have crutches,

but I can see the differences in font.

I can see the differences between me and the others.

They are given their freedom

and I am given "helpers."

Who here is the victim?

Don't try to tell me there is none.

They get to experience life, and live as they desire

but I am forced to live with the rights of children.

Why can't I even choose my own attire?

Why am I indoctrinated to think the way you want me to?

Why do you force me to live,

when all joys of life were stolen from me by you?

In your selfish world, you hold me captive.

Why can't I experience the wonder of independence?

Why can't I be allowed to make decisions of my own?

I've been told to keep my silence.

But your tyranny, I have outgrown.

I will speak my mind.

What do I have to lose?

Joy? What joy can be felt when confined?

The happiness in stake is your own, your own "virtues."

When I was diagnosed, I died.

I would never feel the goodness of life.

Instead, you kept me alive, seeing no downside.

But there was one, what would compose of as my life?

Being led around by people feeling sorry for me?

not accomplishing anything?

Why can't I live now? Why won't you let me?

Take off my chains, they wont do anything.

I live, but I am dead, into a controlled life I have fallen.

Imprisoned by the system.

You say I'm normal, perfect even.

But if you think so, why can't I be among them?