Blue Angels

Chapter 1

"Sonata City"

I pouted, as I watched the trees pass from the front seat of my mom's blue Toyota Camry. I slightly bobbed my head to the music of my mp3 player, but I still couldn't get the unpleasant thoughts out of my head. My mom noticed something was wrong with me and tried to help; that was the second worst mistake she made this month. She slightly turned her head from the road and gave me a sympathetic look.

"Don't worry everything will be fine." she smiled.

I glared at her, "Whatever."

"Moving to a new town isn't that bad. Plus your starting high school, you never know, something magical might happen."

I turned my music up louder so I could drown her out, then continued to gaze out of the window. My mom noticed I had stopped listening and sighed.

"You'll see.." she whispered and smiled to herself.

"Get real mom."

Not once in my fifteen years of living on this earth has anything "magical" ever happened to me. I love to read stories and watch TV shows about the unexpected. I used to dream about one day finding my prince charming or becoming a famous rock star or even a superhero. As I got older I realized that none of these things would ever come true, because my life totally sucks! No matter where I am or what I do, I'll always be the same, lame, boring, Yumi.

Five months ago my mom and my dad went through a terrible divorce. If that wasn't bad enough, just 3 weeks ago she dropped the bomb on me, that we were moving across the country to her home town, which I never heard of, by the way. The only up side to leaving my home was I didn't have anyone that I would actually miss.

I was kind of a social outcast at my old school. I didn't fit in anywhere. I was extremely smart, been a straight A student since pre-school. Apparently, I had too much black in my wardrobe to be part of the nerd clique. I can't forget how many times I got hit on by guys, I didn't even know. I guess, I couldn't really blame them, wearing fishnet stockings and dark blue jean mini skirts, didn't really scream nice girl? Or I'm the type of girl who likes to only hold hands in the movie theater. Long story short, I didn't exactly attract the nice guys.

My mom stopped the car in front of a light blue two story house with a swing set and pool in the backyard.

"This is our new home!" she shouted.

I just looked at her and sighed. I grabbed as many things as I could carry and took them into the house. When I entered the house, it didn't look that bad. I knew my aunt Jessie had to decorate the place because my mom's fashion sense was horrible. She had the nerve to wear zebra print pants.

The house had hard wooden floors that sparkled like the stars. The floor was so clean I could see my reflection in it. The walls were painted red; my mother's favorite color. All the furniture complimented the cherry colored surface. I walked up the stairs and down the hallway to the last room on the right; my room. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

"Amazing!" I yelled.

My room was exactly the way I pictured it. I hated the room I had at my old house. It was so bland and plain looking, the walls were white. I wasn't even aloud to put up posters on them. Not anymore, my room was awesome! It had ebony stained walls with all my favorite band posters coating them. My aunt didn't miss a single one, there was My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco, Paramore and All Time Low.

My bed spread was black and red, it hand the words "Night in Red" hanging off the front. It was covered in polka-dots that looked like the Broadway show lights. There was a picture of a women in a red dress and a man in a black tuxedo dancing. I couldn't believe my aunt remembered I loved to dance. I used to take ballet when I was in elementary, I was in quite of few recitals as well. Everything else in my room was red and black also.

After we finished unloading the car and the moving vans had left. I decided to start unpacking my belongings. When I opened the drawer I couldn't believe my eyes. I had a whole new wardrobe! All the clothes still had the tags on them, imported from my favorite store, Hot Topic. I let out a huge scream, my mom walked in.

"I see you love the new clothes." she smiled.

I gave her a gigantic hug, "Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!"

My mom laughed, "I couldn't have you going back to school wearing old clothes."

I knew she was just trying to suck up to me for making me move so far away from home. I smiled anyway, this was one bribe I was going to take.

I got on my laptop and checked my messages on Face book when my stomach started to rumble. I closed my laptop and went to find my mother in the living room.

My mom was on the couch sleep watching the home gardening channel. I quietly snuck into the room and got really close to her.

"Dinner time!" I shouted.

My mom shot up like popcorn, "Yumi May!" she shrieked.

My mom always said my middle name when she was angry at me.

"What are we going to have for dinner?" I asked.

She rubbed her eyes and looked at her watch.

"There is a Steak n Shake down the street." She handed me some money and I was out the door.

I took a look around the neighborhood as I walked down the street. I had to admit, this town seemed very lively and pleasant. I actually saw children playing outside. In my old town the kids never even bothered to go outside. They just stayed in the house and watched TV all day. I was the only kid on my block that was actually forced to go outside and play. I frowned, when I remembered all those days I spent playing tag by myself.

As I was walking I got a text message from my cousin, Rita. As I answered it, then I heard someone screaming.

"Get out the way!" the person yelled.

A boy was on a bike hurtling towards me and that was the last thing I saw before everything went blackā€¦.