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"Alexandra Marie, time for bed." Mr. Lincoln yelled.

"Yes, daddy." An eight year Alexandra bounded in to the room. She went and laid down on her bed.

"Let's tuck you in." Mr. Lincoln said tucking in his daughter. Alexandra giggled.

"I'm not tired." Alexandra whined. Her navy blue eyes glistening from her innocence.

"How about I read you a story?" Mr. Lincoln asked ruffling the little girls auburn hair. The little girl nodded excitedly. "Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom there lived a girl. Her father was an inventor. Her hair was brown and so were her eyes. Every day she would go into the village and get a book. She was very smart, and very beautiful. She didn't want to be known for her looks, but her knowledge."

"Then one day her dad was on a way to a competition that could help his family. It was very dark and very creepy. His horse got scared, and took him the wrong way. They become terribly lost, and came upon a creepy castle. He entered the castle. No one seemed to be home. But everything in the castle was enchanted. "The little girl's father continued. He noticed Alexandra had fallen asleep. He stood up and walked out of the room.

The next morning after Mr. Lincoln dropped Alexandra at school. He drove to work at his law firm. He knew today was gonna be different than every other day. He had been getting death threats for the last week. He was a single dad with a young daughter. He had called his sister to pick Alexandra up after school just in case. As he expected they were waiting for him. He got out of his car knowing no one else was coming t work today, because he had told them to talk a day off. He knew it was his time to go.

"Mr. Lincoln we have a bone to pick with you." A Hispanic man roughly in his late twenty's said. His accent rough.

"Can't we negotiate this peacefully?" Mr. Lincoln pleaded.

"I don't think we can. You put our boss in jail. Now we gonna get even." A white man said. He had a baseball bat in hand. He went and smashed his car wind shield.

"You don't have to do this" Mr. Lincoln said. He was frightened, but he knew it was the end.

"You see we have to." The Hispanic guy raised a gun and fired of a clip. Mr. Lincoln fell dead to the ground. The group of mean vandalized the law firm and destroyed the car. They men left before the police and ambulance showed up.

Langston Elementary

Alexandra walked up to the office unsure of what was happening. When she got up there the confused third grader sat down in the principal's office.

"Did I do something wrong?" Alexandra asked. She had never done anything bad in her entire eight years of her existence.

"No, Alexandra you didn't do anything wrong. Let's wait until your aunt gets here to pick you up." Mrs. King said. About a half hour later Alexandra's Aunt Sandra showed up. First thing she did was hug her only niece.

"Aunt Sandra what happened?" The little girl asked her eyes full of sadness and worry.

"Your father, he went away." Aunt Sandra said.

"When will he be back?" Alexandra asked.

"He won't." Aunt Sandra said. Her eyes watered, but her voice had no indication of sadness. "You'll be living with me and Uncle Paul."

Alexandra started to cry, "He died." She wailed. She ran out of the principal's office and outside. She ran rather far for an eight year old.

About three hours of searching she was found. She was in her house hugging the book of fairy tales.

At the Funeral

Alexandra went with her aunt and her uncle unwillingly. After she heard the news she hadn't stopped crying, her navy eyes stained red, but today she ran out of tears. She was so tired she wanted to runaway though. It had been about three weeks since the news. She had moved in with her aunt and uncle. This also meant trading schools. She was so upset.

"Everything will be alright." Family and friends told little Alexandra. Everyone showed up. She didn't even like her Aunt Sandra. She would have gone with her soon to be second mom, Cassandra. Cassandra was nice and would have adopted her. Alexandra thought she was awesome. Cassandra was at the funeral constantly looking over at them.

After the funeral at the wake Cassandra stayed by Alexandra the entire time. "How ya' holdin' up?" Cassandra asked.

"Bad. I had to move and leave my friends. My dad's dead and I have to live with my aunt and uncle." Alexandra said sadly.

"I'm sorry. Your aunt agreed to let me pick you up after school and you can stay with me until your aunt gets home from work." Cassandra said.

"Okay." Alexandra said.

Alexandra's life continued on for about a month. Then Cassandra was diagnosed with cancer. After about five months Cassandra died of the cancer. All the happiness in Alexandra's life faded all she had was her book of fairy tale's which she believed were as believable as a unicorn on ice skates. She had given up on happily ever after.