Chris's P.O.V. Before leaving Jake's house

I can't believe I'm sitting by and watching my best friend flirt with a girl I like. Why most this be so hard. I missed the entire conversation they were having. I was too busy in my own thoughts.

"Chris, I'm gonna take Alex home," Jake said simply I nodded. I said goodbye to the two and walked down the street to my house.

I walked in and looked around. The house was silent. My mom must be out again, and my Dad must be at work still. I took a deep breath and let it out with a growl. My mind was fogged all I could see was Alexandra's face. I don't care she is Alexandra not Alex. She belonged in my arms and not Jake's. Not to sound like a jerk, but come on I've known her much longer. She is so beautiful and so delicate. I want to be there for her, but I don't want to hurt her not again. I had already hurt her when I stopped talking to her. I can't go through that.

I grabbed my car keys and got in my black Shelby mustang. It was painted so the racing strips were yellow and the body of the car was black. I started it up and the engine started to purr. I backed out and drove off. I knew where she lived. Before you go calling me a stalker let me explain. I drive by her house every day and see her walking inside. Not a stalker just observant. I drove down the streets blasting 'I love you like that" by Hot Chelle Rae.

I looked out the window. I saw her house. Her aunt's car parked almost in the middle of the street and she was running up the steps. There was a bloody figure. Her uncle looked guilty and Jake was on his phone. I slammed on my breaks and the tires screeched. I pulled my key out of the exhaust. I opened my door and ran out of the car not bothering to shut the door. I run up through everyone. I stopped to see Alexandra's body lying on the floor. Right in between Jake and her uncle. I kneeled down to hold her in my arms. Her eyes opened slightly. "Chris…," was all she said before she fell unconscious.

Jake was on the phone with 911. When he looked down at me and Alexandra, he said," They said there'll be here in 5 minutes."

"Why her?" Was all I could ask.

"I don't know. " Jake said.

I held Alexandra in my arms till the paramedics showed up. Her aunt looked at me and Jake as the cops took her husband away. "Nice to see you again Chris," She said.

"Same to you wish it was on better circumstances," I said simply, "this is Jake." Jake just nodded.

"How did she get hit by the bottle?" Sandra asked.

"She was protecting me," Jake said. He seemed so upset.

"From Paul. I should have believed her about him. She is such a good girl. Why would he do this?" Sandra asked.

"Because she said no way to often to him." I said.

"I spoke up and defended her. I wouldn't let him do anything to her. I told him not to treat her like this. He raised the bottle and she jumped in front of me so I wouldn't take the blow," Jake said.

The paramedics and cops questioned us. At one point I remember getting in my car and heading to the hospital, but it was such a blur. Sandra had to take care of her twins. Jake went home, but I went to the hospital. I sat there in the waiting room. Luckily it was Saturday. I looked at my watch 3:00 in the morning. My parents haven't noticed I'm not home so what do I care.

"Excuse me, but who are you waiting for exactly?" The nurse behind the counter asked.

"Alexandra Lincoln," I said.

"She's still in surgery, but why don't you go home and get some sleep. We'll call you when she is out," The nurse said.

"I'll be fine. I'd rather be here waiting for her, because I can't sleep knowing that she is in surgery," I said.

"Okay is there anything I can get you?" The nurse asked politely.

"No thank you," I said.

"So, how do you know her?" The nurse asked," Are you family?"

"No more like friends that haven't talked for a while," I said. It felt weird to call Alexandra a friend, but it also felt right.

"I see," The nurse said.

"Last time I had a real conversation was right after her dad died," I admitted and looked down. "Eight years ago."

"Well, that must suck." The nurse said looking down. She left leaving me to my thoughts. Someone entered the room. I looked up to see a doctor standing there. I stand up.

"Hello, I hear you are waiting for an Alexandra Lincoln. I'm Doctor Mandeville," The doctor said.

"I'm Chris," I said standing up. "Is she out of surgery yet?" I asked.

"Yes she is, but she is in a serious a coma. We don't know when she'll wake up," Doctor Mandeville said.

"Can I she her?" I asked.

"Yes, she's in recovery right now," The doctor said. "I'll show you to her room."

I followed the man to her room. We walked in. I saw Alexandra lying in the bed. Her eye closed, and stitches around her head. She looked so peaceful, and beautiful. I went and sat on her right side of the bed. The doctor left at some point. I looked out the window to see the morning glow starting up. I opened the window. The early morning light plays across Alexandra's skin. She looked beautiful. Sat on the side of her bed and I leaned down so my lips meet mine. Her eyes fluttered open and I pulled back. She looked at me questioningly. I held up a finger to say give me a moment. I walked out of the room to get a nurse. I saw the one from earlier.

"Hey umm Alexandra is awake, I told her. The nurse nodded and followed me into the room.