A/N: So this idea came from my friend and he was too lazy to write it (because of fanfiction -cough cough-) so he suggested I to write it, so yeah...

Yvonne POV

"I don't know what to do Aurora," I sighed as I blew my black bangs that covered my right eye. "My parents just don't trust me going to a coed school anymore, saying that the boys here will distract me." I sighed again as I put down my French vanilla coffee.

"Yeah but, wouldn't you be in paradise being sent into an all girl's school?" my friend took a bite of her mango ice cream.

"...do you not know me at all?" I groaned, hitting my head on the table. I looked at her dark violet eyes with my blood red ones, "it will be like hell."

"Ahaha," she chuckled, making her wavy, mid-neck length sky blue hair bounce. "Good luck," she reached over to pat my back. "Besides, it's not like me, who is planning on going to an all boys school."

I lifted up my head and stared at her, "...what?"

"Yup," she broadly grinned. "I am not attending as Aurora Iossif, but Adonis Iossif."


"Because it's awesome."

"I should have expected this from you, but wouldn't you have trouble...you know...in P.E.?"

"...oh pshaw. Do you have to ruin my moment? I'm going to be surrounded by guys, and if I'm lucky enough, I'll see boy-boy couples."


"Don't give me that squinty look."

"...are you saying that because I'm Asian?"

"You're half and why would I say that if I'm half too?" my half-Greek, half-Japanese friend asked in a teasing tone.

"I know that, and unlike you, I obviously look like one."

"Ahaha, and your last name is so common, but your middle name says otherwise."

"Heh," I darkly looked at the floor. "Those names switched already."

"Eh? Why?"

"No idea, I think my parents just want my life to be even more miserable. First an all girls school, and now that name."

"...wait, wait, wait," she motioned her hands for me to stop. "Does that mean you're going to wear a skirt."

"No," I firmly said. "I'm just going to wear the gym clothes. It's still uniformed and I will still keep my dignity."

"Aw, too bad," her pout made me glare at her with my blood red eyes.

"Whao, whao, whao," she held her arms up in defense. "I was just kidding."

"You better be," I rested my chin on my arms. "The day you see me in a dress or skirt, is the day I die."

"Yeah, yeah," she put her arms back down. "It would be the end of the world if you wore something like that. So what school are you going to?"

"Pandemonium High for Girls."

"...that has a... nice ring to it."

"It describes what my life will be like there. I even have to live in the dorms and have a roommate. Where are you going to attend?"

"Stoic Academy for Boys. I'm also living in the dorms and sharing with someone."

"...what is up with these schools name?" I rolled my eyes. "And correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that Pandemonium's brother school? The naming sense makes me wonder."

"Oh hey, it is and our dorms are half a mile from each other. We can still hang out."

"...we practically live together as it is, with you calling me almost everyday. It's either that or chat. Why bother living even closer?"

"Because Yvonne, I can't have you messing up my closet even more. I mean come on, those empty beer bottles and the numbers written in lipstick on the walls. You know how difficult it is to clean that off?" she said sarcastically. "And the fact they are so specific on finding you. Short black hair with the sides up to look like a puppy's floppy ears. Charming red eyes that seem to have a bored look to them."

"Do you gotta make a closet joke every time?"



Finishing her ice cream,Aurora looked at her freakishly bright pink watch, "ah, we should probably go now."

"Eh?" I finished my coffee and looked at my silver pocket watch. "Aw, I forgot moving day was tomorrow." We both got up and waved good-bye. Leaving the park we were at, I headed home with the sun setting and started to pack my stuff. I am Yvonne Nguyen Omnomnomington, and yes, I know that is a weird last name, it came from my British mom. My parents are just plain evil, at least I didn't have Omnomnomington as a last name in elementary school. I have a feeling that I'm going to draw unwanted attention in my new school...