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Yvonne POV

"Mmm so... cold..." my body unconsciously curled up for more warmth. "Blankie~ eh?" I ended up rolling into something damp. Opening my eyes, I met a very wet backpack that I recognized to be my roommate's, "uwah! Magical bag!"

"The heck are you saying Nomington?" Katherine's groggy voice questioned.

"Gyah, sorry for waking you up," I got up and went to her side. "Are you okay?"

"Hold it lover girl," she sat up and lightly tapped my tummy with her knuckles. "I was under the impression that you liked Tempy."

"Whaaat?" my eyes widened. "What makes you think thaaat? She's my roommaaate and a frieeend."

"Quit stretching the words ouuuut... Oh greaaaat, now you've got me to do it toooo."


"...Nomington." she glared at me.

"I'll stop now," I lowered my head. "So you're okay now? You were sick last night."

"I'm fine," she waved and laid back down.

"Mmmhmm, doesn't look that way to me."

"Do you want me to hurt you?"

"No... How's Temperance?"

The blonde looked over at her friend, "she just need some rest."

"As do you," I nodded, relieved that my roommate only needed sleep.

"Shouldn't you be in school right now?"

"Hm?" I looked over at the clock, and it indicated that first period was almost over. "...I want to skip..."

"Oh come on," Katherine rolled her eyes. "Be a good girl and go to school. I wouldn't want my junior to miss class."

"You do know I would just worry about you two..."

"I can take care of Tempy," she then coughed and sneezed.

Her nose started to run, so I got her a tissue, "...you don't sound convincing at all." I held the tissue to her nose, "blow." After she did so, I wiped her nose and tossed the tissue in the wastebasket, "yeah, I think I should just skip."

"Don't you dare make me call my roommate to come here and force you to go to class."

"...isn't she in class by now?"

The blonde gave me a grin, "all the more reason why you should go. I know that you don't like to bother others."

"I-... fine," I sighed in defeat. So I stared to gallop down the streets and suddenly ran across a wild and majestic unicorn. Well, I thought it was a unicorn, there just happened to be a lady riding her horse to school. "Hey Burton,sorry I'm late," I sheepishly scratched the back of my head while entering the classroom.

"Yvonne!" the teacher shouted, causing me to flinch.

Uh-oh, here come a mini-lecture on being late. Not that I mind getting a lecture since I always space out.

"Where's the ball of fluff that's usually on your head?"

"...I'm sorry, what?" I asked in disbelief.

"You heard me. Where's Mew? It's always on your head, never letting go no matter what you do."

"Um... She's taking care of my roommate and her friend." Wow, that sounded more normal in my head. But then again, what is normal? Is it something that usually happens? But that could also be abnormal to someone else. Sometimes I wonder, what is the true meaning of-

"Yvonne, class is over. You should hurry to your next class."

"Wha?" I looked around the room to see it mostly empty, saved for a few students who came in for the next period. "Gah!" I quickly go up and left for my next class. Soon, it was lunch time, or rather it was nap time for me. So I was laying at my usual spot, even though it was still damp from last night's downpour. "At least it's nice and not sunny," I hummed.

"Heeey Yvonne," a from from below called out. "Yvooone! Heeey!"

"..." I stayed, unmoving with my eyes shut. Ignore that person, Yvonne.

"Heeey Eevee, I know you're awake."

"Ugh, what do you want Buckingham?" I groaned. "It's nap time right now."

"But you actually slept last night."

Now that caught my ears, "how did you know?"

"How else would Temperance's bag get in your dorm room?"

"...magic?" I thought it was a magical bag..." I murmured while turning my head to face him.

"Sorry to disappoint you," he got on his knees and bowed so his head was touching the ground. "I have failed n being someone you would expected."

"Hey-hey-hey," I jumped down down and crouched down to lift his head up. "You trying to embarrass me or something?" I asked with an ultra-dramatic raised eyebrow and a tough-guy tone.

"I just wanted to tease my niece a bit," he put me in a headlock and ruffled my hair.

Skeptically looking at him, I attempted to bat away his hand, "what are you even here for? My nap time is gone because of you."

"Oh, I was just wondering if you caught a cold or something," Buckingham touched my forehead with the back of his hand. "Hmmm, I can't tell if you do, or if it's just your usual temperature."

"Uhhh, well," I managed to slip out of his hold. "I don't feel nauseous or sick. So it's just me as a human heater."

"Here," he handed me a small black bag with panda face prints. "From my wife."

"Uhhh..." my eyes shifted to look somewhere else. "Oh yeahhhh I waaaassss..." my voice was filled with uncertainty, despite trying to hide it.

"You don't remember," he sighed.

"Yeahhh... I don't..."

"Do you at least know who my wife is?"

"Myla Buckingham," I said with confidence. After earning a look of disbelief, I retorted, "hey... don't expect me to remember everyone's name."

"But I'm your uncle," he pouted with wide puppy eyes.

"Hey, I forget my own name sometimes, especially since I keep getting lots of nicknames."

"Yvonne," he placed a hand on my shoulder and looked at me in pity. "I feel sorry for you. I'm afraid for your future."


"If you are this forgetful, I'm afraid for your education."

"Hey, you're my teacher."

"I'm your uncle!"





Finally fed up with this, I grabbed his arm and twisted it back, "teacher!"

"Uncle!" he yelped in pain.

"Mmmhmmm," I rolled my eyes. "Which one is that, a relative or giving up."

"I'm your uncle!"

"You're my teacher uncle!"

"You said uncle!" he roared in victory.

"Uh, should you be doing that to a teacher?" a familiar voice from behind questioned.

Turning around I saw my friend wearing her school uniform that consisted of chocolate brown pants and a white dress shirt. A blue bow tie was neatly tied under the flap of the collar, and a beige cardigan was worn over the dress shirt. "Auro- Adonis, what are you doing here?" I looked at my friend in surprise. I really have no idea what to call her when we're alone.

"Hey, I'm here too," Buckingham whined. After I gave him a confused look, he added, "you said your thoughts out loud. Besides, I've known Aurora because she's your friend."

"...is that true?" I asked my friend.

"Yes, sheesh, how forgetful can you get?" she sighed with a smile.

"I don't know... so why are you here?"

"Can't I check on my friend to see if she's okay?"

"What, why are you here again?" I asked puzzled.

"Oh, yeah," he scratched his blue head. "In a nutshell, THERE IS A DANCE COMING UP!"

"Ok? Why do I care- what Adonis where are you? HOW CAN YOU FLY?!"


"Well," Mr. Buckingham guffawed. "You have some strange friends."

"You've known her for as long as you've known me!"

"You don't say?" he yawned before floating up into the violet colored sky.

"So I guess, all of that craziness was just a dream? But it seemed so real. Then again, all dreams seem real... What am I thinking? Flying is not suppose to be normal or is it?" I kept pondering until I looked at my cellphone for the time. "What the hell was the point of me coming to school?" All classes had already ended a couple of minutes ago. "Hm, I should get Temperance's stuff too," I hummed as I walked to the school buildings.

"Yvonne," I heard my English teacher call out my name as I walked to the door, ready to go back to the dorms. "Why weren't you in class?"

"AHHHHH!" I screamed and ran, remembering the dream I had.

"That hurt," he said as I went further down the road.

As I arrived back 'home', I noticed a body in my bed, "Temperance?" I walked over to the side and knelt.

"Mmm," the body slowly rolled around to face me. "Welcome back, I missed you. Katie and Mew went off to run some errands for the dorm lady."

"Eh?" I felt a little tingly sensation as she gave me a lopsided smile.

"Ahhh, you probably want me off don't you? It felt so warm here for some reason," she attempted to get up, but I quickly held her down.

"Y-you could stay. I don't really need a bed," I quickly turned around and started to walk, but I felt a tug at the hem of my shirt. "Hm?"

"Ah, sorry," she let go.

I turned around again to see her back towards me, cuddling with my blankie. Her face practically buried in it, and her body was curled up and shivering, despite having two layers of blankets. So cute, I gaped at her form. ...oh my gah. Don't tell me I'm slowly turning into a pervert. No-no-no, I rapidly shook my head while clutching it. Looking back at my roommate, she continued to shiver, augh. I changed into some shorts and a tank top, then slipped into bed, holding her from behind.

Temperance tensed up a bit, but slowly relaxed and snuggled against my body, "you're warm."

"That's kind of the point," I mumbled. "I wouldn't want to freeze while you're still recovering."

"Eh-heh," she giggled. "Have you ever been called a human heater?"

"Yeah, by my friends at my previous school. They would always hug me when it get too cold..."

I guess I had a sad tone since Temperance turned around to give me a hug, "you miss them don't you?"


"Don't worry, I'm here for you, Katie too. And you can visit them during break. So don't be sad."

"...thanks," I muttered as sleep succumbed me, along with roommate.