Don't you ever wonder where we went so wrong,
How we went so wrong,
When we went so wrong
To go as far as to condemn someone
For doing what we would have done in a heartbeat
A millenium ago?
Don't you take some time off to wonder
When the lines between justice and hypocrisy
Became so blurred? When justice became just
Another tool to be used to shut the masses up.
When justice was used as an excuse to draw
Wool over our eyes.
My words of course, don't rhyme
They just convey what we wish we
Could say to the faces of those
Who do these wrongs.
But every single, little time,
We draw back. Due to fear of
god-knows-what. Maybe sticks,
Maybe stones, maybe feuds,
Maybe because the one in the
Mirror would call us fools for
Even trying.