A gift is something special;

And this is one from me to you.

I hope you like it,

Because it took me ages to find her!

Merry Christmas buddy!

It's be a tough ol' year,

But maybe this will make up for it.

And yeah, I know this is an unusual gift,

But I think you'll like it anyway.

I know you'll look after her,

Because that's the kinda guy you are.

Be careful with her,

She's small and she's fragile.

Be happy with her,

She'll take good care of you.

I know she will,

Because that's the kinda girl she is.

Now I know what you're thinking,

But you're wrong because she's different.

She'll love you all year round,

If you pinkie swear to do the same.

Promise you'll care for her;

She means the world to me.

She's not only my best friend,

But she feels like a sister to me.

So please don't throw away her heart this winter.

Please accept my gift.

Because it will bring you smiles,

Whenever the sky clouds over.

So here's my little gift, wrapped snuggly in a box.

I've left her on your doorstep,

In a nice bunny dress.

Enjoy my sleeping sister,

And please don't break her;

Cause I'd like to borrow her for a giggle and a chat.

Merry Christmas,

Here's something I know you'll like and laugh about for years to come.

From a certain best friend of yours!