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"I stand alone, a half blood amidst a war"

I Stand Alone


"Freak!" I'm a freak?

"What a weirdo."

"I've always said there was something off about that girl." Oh for God's sake... Although...

Those were just a few of the comments that I heard as passersby saw me, once again, covered in mud and standing in Granddaddy's front garden picking thorns out of my arms and fingers. There's just the one the thing about my granddaddy's front garden, it's not really a garden, more like a forest of thorn bushes. How he managed to get a garden of thorn bushes, I have no idea but they've been there for as long as I'd been living with him, which was since I was four.

Anyway, so there I was standing amidst the thorn bushes, muddy, out of breath and picking the spiky buggers out. Also, there was the fact that I looked like an escaped convict (which I was not, I might add); my hair totally matted and a real mess, my face... okay, don't even go there and my clothes were ripped and probably a little bloody.

I was kind of irritated by their comments, I mean, they didn't even know me! Although, thinking about it, had I seen myself in that state, I probably would have made a comment as well.

Now, you're probably thinking: ""Why were you muddy, out of breath and looking like an escapee?" or maybe something more like, "Why the hell were you standing in public, like that?" Well, the answer's simple. I was running from witches.

Well that and the fact that I'd heard from my granddaddy's best friend that he had just bought alien shaped ham. Come on, alien shaped ham? That's pretty awesome.

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