An end is hard to spot

You can see it, always,

But you never know when it will come

Because to end

Is to cease entirely

Which we cannot understand

We do not end

But we come to ends

We face them

An end is an end

An end is a bend

An end is to send

Yourself on

An end is to fend

No more

We know we must end

But we refuse

To lose ourselves

It ends

We find ourselves

In ends

We find ourselves

Save the best for last

If you have to go

At least show yourself

When you give a good-bye

Make it one to remember

Put your point where

People will notice it

At the end

And when you end

Remember that nothing ends

You can find a beginning, but

You will never find an end

Because in truth, a conclusion

Is just a place where you get to bored to keep thinking

But you will still think somewhere else.

The End