Black Hole 05/09/2011

There was nothing. As far as I could see. The only interruptions from the blinding white were myself and Jeremy.

"Aloe!" Jeremy's voice was quiet. There was nothing to give it substance, no echo. Nothing to stop it either. We had drifted again. There was nothing to keep us in place. No gravity, nothing to hold onto either. I took a breath, fighting the heaviness on my chest and swam to him. My chocolate-brown curls hovered around my head as I glided slowly towards him and grabbed his hand. My momentum kept us moving a few feet farther. It didn't matter, there was nothing to run into. It was almost peaceful. If you didn't go crazy or anything. I scanned the blank horizon again. Occasionally an odd object would appear, forever gliding through nothing, with nothing to stop its momentum. We had seen a couple pieces of metal, too far away to chase after, and a pair of shoes. The shoes had been worth the chase, as Jeremy had lost his when we came in. We also collected any lightsheilds we found. Our glasses didn't protect us very well from the blinding brightness. Two had floated past us and were now secure in Jeremy's pack, which in turn was secured to our safety line. The simple strip of cloth that tethered us to our lives; and sanity, stretched back miles into the white nothing. It was currently attached to Jeremy's waist. We used it to keep moving; if we shook it the right way it would propel us forewords. We always needed to keep moving forewords; towards the end. We only slept when absolutely necessary. We would tie the safety line around out waist so not to drift and get lost. You could be lost forever here. Black holes never ended. At least to the people inside of them.