Sometimes I give it all I've got

Try to be that winner, but sadly I am not

So I shuffle silently to the ledge

And with one fluid leap I'm over the edge

I and fall I look up at the sky so blue

And as I do, I think of you

How do two boys break just one heart?

The further I fall, the less I fall apart

In my descent I think of me

And everything I hoped to be

With no time to dwell,

I shake my head to break the spell

Falling, falling, never stopping

I no longer feel those feelings I've tried blocking

I smile as the ground is in my sight

And I swear I see my very own white Knight

You think I'll be okay

You think I'll live to see the next day

And as I get closer I feel this is true

Maybe I can live a lifeā€¦ all new

But I hit the ground

No, the night hadn't missed

It's just because true love doesn't exist