She looks up at me,

Being a flirt.

With a sexual grin,

I pull at her skirt.

I'm new at this,

She says to me.

I'll be good to you,

I say sexually.

I lay her back,

Onto the bed,

And pull off her shirt,

Up over her head.

She does the same,

Quite comfortable now.

She has the body,

That makes you say "wow".

I removed her bra,

Still kissing her lips.

I moved my mouth down,

Surrounding her tips.

Flicking and playing,

And making her squirm,

She rolls me around,

And says it's my turn.

She does the same,

Turning me on.

Before I know it,

My shorts are gone.

I get hers off,

And roll around,

On top of her,

I move on down.

To the edge of the bed,

Is where we go.

How much she can take,

I don't quite know.

Between her thighs,

I start to lick.

Her sweet honey tunnel,

Starts pouring out thick.

I lick and I suck,

As she starts to spasm,

In what I think,

Is her first orgasm.

We passionately kiss,

As she calms down,

And when it's my turn,

She goes to town.

I moan in pleasure,

It feels so good.

Don't want it to stop,

But I knew that it would.

As I finally let go,

To the pleasure inside,

We finally lay back,

My girl by my side.

- Not sure why, but every time I read this I laugh. I also need to give Mr. TVM credit because I got the idea for this from reading "Scent of a Girl", which I highly recommend if you like yuri or girl school fantasies. I love this one and I think it's pretty clever, at least for me. Even if you think otherwise, please review, even though it's a poem. Thanks for reading ^_^. -