he was everything you never were,
straight to the point, sharp as a blade,
but never rude nor hurtful.
he set his intentions and knew how
to handle me and treat me with care.
(i like to act as hard as d-i-a-m-o-n-d-s but
the truth of the matter is that
i'm really just as fragile as g/l/a/s/s.)
he told me he loved me but he made
sure i knew it was only temporary.
but within that fleeting time, he made
me feel precisely as amazing as you ever did.

[i was so beautiful, so perfect,
i was oh so, (worth it).]

he gave me so many wonderful memories,
you gave brief flashes of what could've been.
he left in a manner that hurt neither of us,
you left me to fall in love as you walked away.
he held me while i cried and you never even
knew i was crying while you spoke to me, let
alone saw one single goddamn tear.

we talk now and then, him & i.
you haven't spoken to me since that day.

he was my everything when i had nothing left,
& you were simply nothing when i already had everything.