I have had strange dreams since I was a young girl. Always scared that the world would end in my life time, and somewhere deep inside me, I held a solution. I didn't know this solution at that time. It would come to me later on in life when my fate set.

In these dreams I would see this man standing at the end of a destroyed road and with him, demons and creatures made of different animals haphazardly stitched together. He was intense and I would feel his soul try to wrap itself around me and take me away to be of his horde. I would walk cautiously towards him and see his eyes were those of a blue that I knew could never ever have been human. His hand would be offered to me and I took it reluctantly as he pulled me to his chest in a loving embrace. He would push my hair from my ear and whisper softly, "You cannot defeat this, little savior. You can only give yourself to me and live forever at my side." I pull away and look up into those eyes, and ask him "Who are you?" He smiles and turns his head so I can just barely see my reflection in his eyes…My eyes… are… that color too… what? I don't understand, this isn't right… As if reading my thoughts, the man smiles and says. "Little Savior, you are still so young. I am Seth and you are I are of the same…"

My fate has been set since I met Amir.

A cold winter night I was walking home from the store. I had to get a few things to keep myself from starving to death. I think back now and I smile to think that that would be the least of my worries if I knew then what I know now.

Snow was sticking to my shoes and I was slipping and sliding everywhere with my bag in one hand and the other out just in case if I needed to catch myself before I fell on my face. My apartment was at the bottom of the hill and I saw the ice and cussed and prayed as I started the trek down. Half way down I must have hit a patch of black ice because I was halfway to the ground before I was caught and held to avoid injury.

"Must be careful of these old sidewalks and the weather as well. You could have broken something." Says the man that caught me in my fall. I looked up to him and I lost all the air in my lungs. His eyes were the blue in my dreams but he was not the same man. He was beautiful to the point I could feel my heart breaking just looking at him.

"Um, well, good catch. Thank you. I appreciate you saving me from breaking my face out here… Um, I live just down the hill, I think I will be okay to get there. Thank you again."

"It was my pleasure." He said and turned to walk back up the street. Where did he come from? I hadn't seen him when I first started down the hill… and those eyes… I sighed and kept on down the hill.

Once I am in my apartment and I am hanging my coat up I hear a slight knock at door. I think to myself Really? It's late as hell, who would be bothering me at this time of night? Ugh.

Looking through the peephole I see nothing. So cautiously, I open the door to see if someone left something at the door. Nothing. Okay. The door closed quietly and I locked it again and grimaced and turned around and I scream.

"Shh shh shh Kristalyn, it's all right I am not here to harm you. Please…" …it was the man from the street.

"How in God's name did you get in here? Who the hell are you and what the hell do you want from me? Do you want money for catching me? I don't have any! And if you are even thinking about raping …"

"Whoa whoa whoa… miss. My name is Amir, and don't be silly. Like I said I am not here to harm you. I have waited a very long time to see you finally. A relief really. "

"All right, I don't normally use this language but… What the fuck are you talking about? And how the fuck did you know my name?" I say, standing there shaking. "You know what I don't give a shit who you are, get the fuck out of my house before I call the cops."

"Krissy, I know about your dreams… Seth is coming. And he is coming for you. He wants you and if he gets you, it will mean the end of so much in this world. Dark times are coming and it is my job to protect you and prepare you for his arrival. The world is not as it seems. It is coming to an end unless we can stop Seth. "

I stand there staring at him for a few moments and then I laugh. "You are out of your mind, uh… Amir, right? Okay, out of your mind. Let me call you a cab and get you on your way and I promise I will keep this to myself."

"I do not blame you for not believing me Kristalyn. However, it is what it is and neither you nor I can change that. You are destined to be the Savior and I was destined to find you this night, gather you and teach you what you need to know before His demons come for you."

"Savior?" I whisper… that is what the man in my dreams called me… This can't be real…. Can it?

Amir walked up to me still in my stupor and lifted my chin so I could look into his blue eyes. "I will protect you, I swear it. Kristalyn Davids, you have my word and the word of those of whom await your arrival tonight to the manor." His hands were chilly and hard as he touched my cheek. I felt myself starting to drift into sleep in his arms. The last thing I remember in my apartment was him whispering in my ear, "Krissy, I am going to take you to you true home now, and we will save this place with your help, my savior…my queen." …


The dream again. Except it was different. I stood at the edge of a broken road again and at the end, Amir stood with figures of others like him at his back. He smiled at me and my heart melted and I ran to him and grabbed him and held him like a lover I had not seen in so long. "What's going on Amir? Why are we here?" I ask him, holding his face close to me, fingers lightly intertwined in his goatee. "It's time to awaken my queen. It's time to trigger the savior my love. We will be here to guide you… In the end you will be the one protecting us…" He sighed into my ear. I pulled away and looked at our surroundings. The world was suddenly burning. Adults and children lay lifeless on the street at my feet and demons tore at them for their meat. Blood was the color of the streets and the sky. I screamed and looked back to Amir… Except now it was Seth standing there reaching for an embrace with blood spilling from his mouth and a grin as he held his fingers chest high and said "Tsk tsk Kristalyn, darling. This is going to be our paradise." I looked down and at his feet was the corpse of Amir, his beautiful eyes staring lifelessly at me. "AMIR! AMIR!" I scream and ran to him but he disappeared and I was suddenly in complete darkness… I heard a voice "It's time. You must awaken to your fate or watch those whom depend on you swim in death and blood at my feet… "

I woke with a start in a room with no light other than a candle near the window. This wasn't my room! Where was I? … Amir?...

"Amir!" I scream.

"Shh darling, I am right here. I have been here the whole time you were sleeping. "

"Why am I here? Did you kidnap me? … Shit I have to go to work. I bet I am already late. DAMNIT!"

"That side of your life is gone Kristalyn. You are at the manor where the Coven presides and has waited for you for quite some time. It is time to prepare yourself to become The Savior."

"Whoa… okay whoa. First of all … you did kidnap me, and second… Savior? Whose savior am I? I am just a normal any town girl with no talent and I certainly am not a social butterfly… Sorry but I think you got the wrong um… um… savior? I would like to go home…"

"Why were you screaming in your sleep then Krissy? Why did you scream my name and a tear fall from your sleeping eye? You saw what will happen if Seth gains control. Humanity needs us for now and we must serve them as they allow us to survive…"

"What do you mean?" I sigh, rubbing the bridge of my nose in frustration.

"I think it best if I show you rather than tell you a story that sounds impossible. Get dressed and meet me downstairs in ten minutes." Amir said, bowed lovingly to me and vacated this strange room that is apparently meant for me.

Get Dressed huh? With what? I got up and went to the closet to find all of my clothes and belongings stacked neatly in the closet that was bigger than my apartment. Wow. Okay, well… So I grab a hoodie and some jeans and a pair of socks. I pulled these on haphazardly and opened the door to lead out of my room.

Immediately I could smell the sweet scent of Roses everywhere. I had always pictured manors to be dark and dreary but that was not the case here. The walls were a warm yellow with white trim and pale wood flooring. The staircase did not disappoint however. Staring down it I felt like I was in a movie, except in this movie I was still really unsure as to what was going on yet.

I heard voices as I started to creak down the stairs. Amir's for sure and another mans and a girl's chirpy voice.

"Hello?" I said, trying to see around the banister of the stairs.

"Kristalyn, we are down to the left of the stairs." Amir said. The sound of his voice was so comforting but this all still felt like such a dream…

Once I was down the stairs, I turned to the left and saw Amir standing to face me and the other two people still in conversation while giving me anxious glances. In their glances were the eyes that they shared with Amir and in my nightmares, Seth.

"Kristalyn, this is Rane and Rose."

Rane was tall and thin, his hair was almost white and it was messy. Rose was short like me, and her hair was red and wavy. Both of them smiled at me carefully and Rane opened his arms to me for a hug. Confused but strangely comforted, like I had known these people forever, I accepted his hug and smiled at Rose.

"Kristalyn, we have waited so long for you." Rose squeaked and hugged me as well. There was no warmth in their skin when they embraced me. So cold...

As if reading my mind Rane pulled away and took hold of my face with his cold hands, "Kristalyn, we may be cold, but we are warm with love and devotion to you."

"Why are you all so cold?" I said, looking to Amir, but it was Rose who answered me.

"Vampires." Rose said, smiling, revealing a small sharp set of fangs.

"Oh… Wait, what? Vampires? Are you nuts? There's no such thing as vampires, or anything else like that! I'm going home…"

"Krissy, I assure we are real, as well as many other things that human society has believed to be fiction for many, many years. Witches, shape-shifters, trolls, mer-people, faeries, demons, chimeras, so many things." Amir said, his eyes swimming with sincereness. "You are the Savior of humanity and every other creature that can be destroyed by Seth."

"But I am only human there isn't anything special about me." I say, looking to each of them.

"You are only human, for now… But once you have been phased, the abilities you possess will be endless. The process of phasing you needs to happen soon so then we can train you. I know this seems like so much to handle right now but time is of the essence. We have you before Seth could find you and so we can do things the proper way."

"Kristalyn, we need to trigger you. Everyone in the world has a possibility of being something else and they have no idea. As our savior you have many triggers, and thankfully we have the resources to help this." Amir said, sensing my fear and disbelief.

"Triggers? How many triggers did you have?" I said.

"One. I was meant to be a vampire, as it was my destiny to find you." Amir whispered.

"And me?" …I couldn't feel my legs, I was sliding down the wall. Rane caught me and held me.

"We do not know. Prophecy does not say the exact amount. All we know if your base trigger is vampire. You were meant to be a vampire, like us, with us. But there are others for you. For us, it is still unknown if triggers will happen unexpectedly. "

I stood from Rane's arms and walked to Amir. I grabbed his face and I kissed him. He stood there for a moment and then melts into me. It was like fire kissing ice. "Amir," I said "Was one of my triggers to fall in love with you?"

"I do not know my love, but it I sense that we were meant for each other, My Krissy. " His eyes so beautiful, looking straight into mine. "It's time for us to get your base trigger though so you cannot be hurt… Krissy, please please bless me with the honor of turning you. "

What's happening to me? Yesterday I was just a normal girl, and now I am in the arms of a creature that I feel I have loved for hundreds of years, that I could never live without. … Turn me? My Amir… Amir…

My eyes were like waterfalls when I looked him in the face and nodded. His embrace was my security, all of my fears, gone… My immortal love… "I have lived a long time for you. I love you, beloved." His lips ice on mine. "Rane, Rose, please get the others and prepare her room for her turn. Hurry."

Rane and Rose obeyed without hesitation and left Amir and I to ourselves… His beautiful face so angular, olive colored skin, dark long hair cut here and there to fit into these modern times, his black clothing the clung effortlessly to his body. So beautiful… but, why does he love me? I am not beautiful. I have never been thin and my hair is short and long and wavy in the front. My skin is just normal with not touching heart breaking hue. I am average…

Amir shook his head and held me "You are my one and only. I watched you grow up. I watched your mother grow up and hers before her. You and your maternal family members held a grace of beauty that women from my times would have slaughtered for. Do not think low of yourself. Beauty is yours."

A bell from the front door chimed, and someone in the house answered it. How many people…. Creatures would be here to witness my change? Women's voices, a man's, and then just a feeling of an entity unseen. Fear started to seethe inside me.

Amir turned to me and said, "It is time Krissy. I will not leave you…" and we began to staircase to my room. Unknown eyes watching me, voices sighing in relief, a slight singing came from my room and I shuddered. This was real… This was my reality now… I thought of my family… My mother, father and brother… I have to do this to protect them… I doubt I will ever get to see them again… I love you guys. May God be with you and I pray I can keep you safe too… Goodbye…

Amir lead me into my room and shut the door behind him.


Two women stood at my nightstand, reciting words I had never heard. Sisters…twins… They had a darkened bowl they were placing ashes into it. What I could only guess were other vampires, were donating a small portion of their blood to the bowl with ashes, including Rane and Rose. A woman that faded in and out of sight hovered near the bowl and blew air past it, the contents slashing onto the sides. Her wispy appearance spellbinding and horrifying at the same time.

"Krissy, please, have a seat on the edge of your bed so we can begin." Amir said with anticipation accenting his voice.

As I sat, he sat with me and looked into my eyes. He held a mirror up so I could see my face. My face … "This will be the last time you will see those brown eyes ever again. This will be the last time you see yourself with a heartbeat and color to your skin beloved. Your sacrifice of your human life will not go without recognition. Today, Kristalyn Davids, you die a human… And you will awaken our queen and savior."

Everyone in the room bowed low to the ground in front of me. "Thank you Savior. We are yours at your command."

Amir set down the mirror and turned back to me. "Are you ready?"

I swallowed hard at that question. Was I ready… to die? So much happening in such a short amount of time… Was I ready?... Yes I was. I looked to him and nodded firmly.

"Initially my love this will be very painful."

"It is all right, Amir. I trust you." And with that he grabbed my wrist and I saw the glint of fangs before the hiss of the bite itself took me over. The sound of him swallowing my life source was horrifying. Tears were rolling down my face when the pain started. First it was nothing more than an ache. Then all my insides were spasming from their loss of blood. My brain was trying to decide if it wanted to make me swat Amir away. But before that could happen, I started having a seizure and all I could do was watch as the others in the room scurried to get whatever was next ready before I died completely.

Amir unhinged himself from my wrist and looked at me with his eyes rimmed in red. My blood dripped down his chin and onto the sheets. His hand went out and one of the others handed him the bowl that was being fussed over moments ago. He pulled me up and held the bowl to my mouth and drained its contents down my throat.

Once inside me, the contents from the bowl hit my stomach like a bomb. Like acid corrosive enough to tear through me. Amir opened his wrist and dripped blood back into my mouth. As repulsive as my mind said it was, it was delicious and I hungrily latched to his and drank him in until I could no longer.

My face bloody and my stomach full of it… I still felt human and very weak…Then a tingle starting in my fingers and toes. I looked up to Amir perplexed. "What's happening now, I feel my toes and fingers tingle and I think its…" A pain that is beyond comprehension took me over and I flailed and bucked in pain screaming.

"You are dying now. I am here, I will not leave you. I am here." Amir said.

Oh the pain… You never forget this pain. Being run through a mulcher would have been a picnic compared.

And then it stopped… It stopped and I lay still on the bed sheets. The others in the room touched Amir's shoulder in acknowledgement and left the room. Amir stood to lock it. We were alone and I was so confused.

I still couldn't move. Only my eyes followed him as he paced and the feeling started returning to my body..

"Amir?" I said as soon as I was sure that my voice would work. He stopped with a jolt and turned to me. When he saw me sitting up in the bed, he rushed to me to hold me.

"How do you feel?"

"Like I was hit by a train and then got up and was one hundred percent fine. Amir, I was to see.:"

Amir got the mirror and held it so I could see myself in it. My skin was flawless, my hair was its natural brown again, and my eyes were the blue of my dreams… I touched my chin where blood sat drying I opened my mouth to peer inside. Fangs. Dear God, I have fangs. But mine were not the same as Amir's oddly, I had three on each side. They were not long by any means, just sharp, sitting in my second front teeth, my eye teeth and the small molars behind them. Running my tongue across them, I could feel them cut my tongue and the taste of blood filled my mouth.

My stomach lurched…Blood… I was so thirsty I felt like a desert.

Amir put the mirror down and stared at me for a few moments.

"Why are my fangs different than yours?"

"Set of three marks you as a hybrid. There is only one other known person to have these teeth." Amir said.



"You mean that Seth is a hybrid too? How many triggers does he have?"

"I am not sure. We know of three so far but there could always be more. His first trigger was vampire, then demon, and then the last we had never heard of before, but his trigger was necromancer."

Amir must have been watching me glance around the room when he was talking about Seth.

"Amir, why are we in here alone. I am my trigger now…"

"There is something else I need to explain to you. When someone turns you, and they are in love with you and Vis versa then you must finish the trigger by making love."

My knees felt like they disappeared at this. "We are going to make love?"

"Yes my darling." He whispered as he approached me from the side of the bed. His hands grabbed my shoulder and pushed my down to the pillow. His kiss was fierce but there was now no difference in temperature anymore. His kissed moved to my throat and down my neck line. I pulled my hoodie off and he began kissing my chest, cupping my breasts and sucking lovingly on them. I lay perfectly still as he kissed down my stomach and watched with anticipation as he undid my jeans and pulled them and my panties off in one solid motion. Literally less than a second later, he was on top of me, sliding into me. I caught a gasp in my throat as we moved together like a well-built machine. He was so gentle, and so attentive to the passion we were sharing.

As soon as we both had almost came to our brink, he sank his fangs into my neck, and instinctively I did the same to him and within this duel lock we shared, my trigger completed.