"He's awake…" I whisper.

"Who?" Amir said.


Amir was at my side without the sound or sight of motion "Are you sure?"

"Yes. He is creating creatures to fight us with. I don't sense any plans of attack for a while. We have time to prepare, but how? I cannot say. "

"I am sure he will try to enslave as many creatures as he can for his army. Torture them to obey."

I turned to see his eyes and kissed his lips so softly. Only a few days as vampire and I felt so much power coil inside of me it was as if I were made of pure energy. I not sure what's real and what not anymore.

Amir kissed me again and then turned to pull me from the room. "Cecilia and Amelia await us in their quarters to trigger your next phase."

Cecilia and Amelia were not vampires. They were born to be witches, as their mother was and their mother's mother and so on. Not only were they witches, but witches born in twins was rarer than the moon falling from the sky. Their father was speculated to have been human but their grandfather was Reaper. Making Cecilia and Amelia the most powerful witches next to their deceased mother.

When I was being taken to trigger vampire, they were the women in the room controlling the bowl. The ashes they added to the bowl were the ashes of their mother. In order for my trigger to spell casting to actually work, I had to consume a dead witch. Cecilia and Amelia were assets to the Coven and so they sacrificed their mothers remains to start my trigger.

When we walked into their quarters, there were white candle burning everywhere. They sat on a rug in the living room, holding hand and chanting words that meant nothing to me.

I opened my mouth to speak but Amelia beat me to it, "Krissy sit please near us. Amir you may watch from there… Don't worry we won't be biting her to finish this trigger." She teased. Amir looked at her in horror and turned away. Amelia and Cecilia laughed together and then turned to me.

"Since within you sit the ashes of a witch reaper, you must appease the Goddess to grant you her graces. You must do what we say, no questions asked."

"Um, okay," I said, my forehead crinkling in confusion.

"Lux-Phasma Phasmatis." They said. Two orbs of green light hovered above their hands. "Ghost Light."

"Say the incantation Krissy." Cecilia demanded.

"Lux-Phasma Phasmatis." I shrieked a ball of seething colors rolls about my outstretched hand. Blue, purple, orange, pink…

"Good good. Keep an eye on that while we prepare the next." Amelia whispered.

"Impedio lux." Their orbs intensified and preened to it owner as if waiting for instruction.

"Impedio lux." My own did as theirs did but more violently. "Um…"

"Shh!" Amelia demanded. "Amir please bring me those plants by the window. Yes all three, thank you. Yes just set them down one in front of each of us."

Amir did as he was asked and watched in anticipation. I looked down to my plant and noticed its baby flowers were just blossoming.

"Mors ultima linea rerum est. Lux-mors lux-mors." Amelia's fire ball shot down to the plant and consumed it and then disappeared, leaving the smoldering remnants of the plant. Cecilia repeated the incantation again and I watched as the fire and plants die as she commands it.

"This last incantation will trigger your spell caster. Then you will need to feed on blood from both of us to have it sealed with our blood. Do you understand Kristalyn?"

I nodded and repeated what Amelia said. "Mors ultima linea rerum est. Lux-mors lux-mors." My fireball circled the plant like a serpent and its prey and then struck it with force hard enough to knock me back.

"Krissy, are you all right?" Amir said, coming to right me again. I nodded and looked at the twins. Both held ceremonial knives to their hands and sliced. The stood at the same time, hands dripping with hot, fresh blood. I tilted my head back and let their blood drip divinely into my mouth. I could feel a fire growing inside. It felt like I was alive again.

"Your trigger is now set. You had to create, enslave, and murder an innocent." I looked up to both of the twins and to my Amir. Tears were rolling down my cheeks and I could tell they were blood ones this time.

"It'll be okay Kristalyn. I love you." Amir said, holding my head in his hands.

"You won't have to use words to summon things to you Krissy, you have master power and a mere thought will bring whatever you need to your hand. We will be behind you the whole way Krissy, forever."

With that I felt Seth chuckle from wherever he was. This is what he wants… God, save us if I cannot.