The Shadow

A man walks down the empty road,

No person to be found.

Yet he's not exactly all alone,

For something follows him around.

Black as night and cold as death,

It silently slips behind.

Hiding light, emitting dark,

One of many of its kind.

As the sun sets, his pursuer grows,

To several times its height.

Until he finally leaves the world,

At the onset of night.

The man continues to walk on,

Ignorant of the one

Whose power grows as the sun sets,

Until the day is done.

The day is on the edge of night,

The shadow at its worst,

It reaches out and grabs the man,

In one explosive burst.

The man screams out, "Bring help to me!"

But none are there to hear.

The shadow grabs him by the throat,

The man's end may be near.

The man hangs helpless in its grip,

And with tears in his eyes,

He writhes and wriggle violently,

To prevent his demise.

But, alas, the man does not avail,

And as his essence succumbs to his shadow's might,

The sun sets, leaving the man in the dark,

And the shadow disappears into the night.