Chapter 1- The Wanderer!

In a typical suburban house, a young girl who was no more than the age of 13 sat at her desk, surfing the Internet.

She was tapping away on the keyboard, a stray strand of her inky black hair fall out of her ponytail. Her periwinkle blue eyes were glued to the computer screen as she typed something into the browser bar and it quickly loaded into a login screen. Putting her baggy black hoodie on, she glanced at the door. She then returned her gaze to the computer screen, typed her password in. Before she knew it, the computer grew teeth and swallowed her whole!

How odd.

Anyway, just as the girl was eaten- uh I mean, swallowed, a boy who look quite similar to her entered the room with his nose in a very large yellow book titled 'Algebra for Dummies'

"Emi, can you help me work this-" He looked up and saw that the room was empty. He sighed," MUM! EMI'S DISAPPEARED AGAIN!"

"Again!" A woman's voice yelled from the kitchen. "Do I need to phone the police?"

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Ahh, the Internet, filled with all kinds of information, from Wikipedia to the more... perverted sites. And it's probably all made up of numbers by geniuses whose intelligence is much more superior than mine unfortunately….

Anyways, the raven now named Emi, materialised in a white, sterile room. It was very bland, no decorations, no pictures, nothing. To Emi, it seemed like a hospital. Or even a mental institute. She shivered at the thought. One of many places a person should never ever end up was a mental institute. She would know. Though on the plus side, you get a padded room.

"State your name, star rank and type of magic." A female voice said stiffly.

"Emi Winters, 3 star Air mage." She stated.

After several minutes of silence, the voice said: "Welcome back to the Network Miss Winters."

Suddenly, the room began to whir and shake but that didn't seem to faze Emi at all. Then the left side of the room crumbled into rubble, revealing a cobbled street. Grinning, she walked out into the street, breathing in the fresh air.

She heard the noise from shoppers, market vendors selling their stuff at 'oh so cheap prices' and idle chatter from people. As Emi strolled down the street, she could hear hushed whispers about her 'the Wandering Air Mistress' fabled to have destroyed a whole underground company single handed. She took down a famous Dark Mage nicknamed 'Blood' and forced an Underground Company to disband. Part of a mission, Emi believed, destroying a UC on the way was a bonus.

The raven continued to wander down the street, taking a look at some shops along the way, even buying a new magic compressor. Soon, she stopped in front of a tall building that was maybe 6 or 7 floors up and was coloured in a silvery grey. Above the white wooden double doors was a sign that said: "Notice Boards"

She nodded her head.

I hope Alice's here. She thought. I haven't seen her in awhile. I hope she's alright…

Taking a deep breath, she stepped inside. As usual, it was loud and noisy. The air was filled with the chatter of fellow mages sipping a beer or two on the ground floor and other mages talking to their team mates about which mission they would take. To the right of Emi was a bar where a silver haired woman in her early 20s served the drinks. To the left was the stairs which would go up until the 4th floor. The last 3 floors were strictly forbidden to enter unless you were at least a 5 star mage. In the middle of the room were several long benches where a mage would sit, drink and be happy.

"Emi!" A voice called out which said person instantly recognized. A 13 year old girl bounded over towards the raven, a ridiculously large grin on her face.

The girl had her strawberry blonde hair tied into two low pigtails with 2 forest green ribbons. She wasn't wearing anything too special, a pair of denim crop leggings, a light green tunic with a black belt fastened on her waist and a pair of dark brown boots. Compared to Emi's outfit which was a baggy black hoodie, a neon blue camisole, black denim shorts, neon blue combat boots and a pair of ocean blue headphones, Alice's seemed much more girly. On Emi's wrists were several magic compressors, her newest one being a thick leather strap bracelet with a brilliant blue sapphire attached to it.

"Hi Alice." Emi greeted the girl. Suddenly she was tackled to the ground, trapped in the blonde's vice like grip.

"Waah! I haven't seen you in ages Emi!" Alice faked cried, completely oblivious to the fact that Emi was slowly turning blue. "How come you haven't been able to meet me! "

"Alice…" Emi spluttered. "Get…off…losing…precious…oxygen…"

"Eh? Oh sorry!" She promptly released Emi and got to her feet. She helped the raven get up.

"No problem. Sorry I haven't been around for a while. My family is getting suspicious about my little disappearing act." She explained.

"You haven't told your family that you're a mage yet?" The blonde hissed.

Emi shook her head. "Well what am I going to say? 'Hey Mum, Dad guess what? I'm a mage who can blow up the air and the reason why I disappear a lot is 'cause I'm off fighting ogres!"

"…Yeah you're right. Even I wouldn't believe you."

"So, want to do a job together?" Emi suggested and Alice's wine red eyes lit up like Christmas lights.

"Do you need to ask?"

Emi grinned in reply. "Then we're agreed?"

"Yeah! Wanna take a 4 star mission?" The blonde asked excitedly.

"All right-" Before Emi could even finish her sentence; the blonde had zoomed up the stairs like she was Sonic the Hedgehog on steroids.

Emi shook her head and sighed before going after her hyper active friend. But she never noticed a hooded figure standing in the farthest corner of the room, his electric blue eyes watching the young raven. Even though the hooded shrouded his face, there was a smirk plastered on his face.

"So, she's Amelia and Henry's daughter."He murmured. "She is much prettier than I thought and intriguing. I think the Syndicate should be very interested in her."