Chapter 7- Capture the Flag!

After that little mishap in the morning, Emiko was finally learning something worthwhile. She was in a Mechanics class, trying to build a crossbow from scratch. It's harder than it looks. Way hard. But our little Emiko built it with ease (and a few cuts). For Kyra who was sitting next to her, well…She wasn't doing very well to put it nicely.

"Aw, Emi please help me." Kyra begged.

"I'll give you some advice but I won't help you complete the whole thing." Emiko reasoned.

"Happily!" Kyra said cheerfully and began listening to Emiko's simple but, detailed instructions.

"Ah so you do that..."

This went on for the rest of Mechanics until the bell rang, signalling the end of the lesson and the beginning of the next.

"Oh no..." Kyra muttered under her breath as they headed to the changing rooms."It's PE..."

"Eh?" Emiko raised an eyebrow. "What's so wrong with PE? It involves a lot of exercise. Nothing much, really."

"PE is much different here. Well you'll see for yourself." Kyra shivered.

'What's so bad about it?' Emiko thought. 'Well, Heartmore is a school for mages after all...'

(And then...)

Emiko tugged at her white shirt uncomfortably. It was too short and showed part of her belly but it seemed too long compared to some other girls. Not only did they wear tiny miniskirts but incredibly short tops which showed of their stomachs proudly (some even had their belly buttons pierced!) She also scratched her wrist where a tight blue band with a black gem that everyone else seemed to be wearing, was wrapped tightly around her wrist.

Anyway, their PE teacher was a muscular man in his late thirties with dark brown hair and he wore a pair of tracksuit bottoms, a t-shirt and a tracksuit hoodie you know, stereotypical stuff PE teachers wear.

"Good morning class!" He said. "For the benefit of our two newer students," he threw a look at Emiko and her twin who was standing right beside her," my name is Mr. Hara. You may call me 'The Rock', 'Sensei', 'Coach' or 'Supreme God of Awesomeness'. Whatever rocks your boat."

That last name made everyone snicker.

"Anyway, I've decided to do Capture the Flag with you." Everyone cheered. "But, it'll be with an older class."

Suddenly everyone's faces began to pale.

"W-which class though?" Alice stammered.

Are the older students really that scary? She thought herself and quickly shook her head. They must be exaggerating again…

"Umm...I think with the fifth years." Coach said with a thoughtful look on his face.


Everyone looked over to a blonde girl that lay on the floor after fainting. The poor thing was deathly pale and her friends happily carried her out of the gym. Suddenly, every 3rd year student (save for the twins and the mature ones) began to beg and whimper like dogs.

"We'll die!" One boy protested.

"None of us are going to live!"

"The fifth years are merciless!"

"Please Coach!" They chorused (some breaking into tears). "Don't do it!"

"It's not that bad right?" He shrugged.

"NOOOOO!" Everyone screamed (except Akihiro and Emiko who now thought it was a incredibly horrible idea to join Heartmore) and began running around like maniacs.

"Idiots." Akihiro sighed.

Emiko nodded her head in agreement.

There was an awkward silence between them both as they watched Alice faint on the spot, Kyra tackling Blaine to the ground, sobbing her eyes out and Mira was repeatedly hitting her head against the wooden bars on the wall, muttering: "We're going to die..." over and over again.

The two of them retreated to a safe distance away from the rest of their year group and just stood there trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Both of them saw Raiden enter the gym with a spring in his step.

He's enjoying this way too much to my liking. Emiko thought as she rolled her blue orbs.

The dark haired boy gave Coach's hand a hearty shake as he, Elliot and several other students filed into the gym, until every single fifth year was sitting cross legged on the wooden floor.

"Prepare to get beaten kiddies." A fifth year boy smirked at Emiko as he cracked his fingers.

"Alright, settle down will you?" Mr. Hara yelled. Everybody became quiet and sat themselves on the floor. "Now rules are all of you get to pick a weapon. You cannot use magic whatsoever and if you do, the bands on your wrists will give you a little shock." He laughed. "3rd years versus 5th years. The name of the game is Capture the Flag. Whoever wins gets a week off to do whatever they please and some serious street cred of course."

Grinning, the muscled man clapped his hands together.

"Pick your weapons in that room." He pointed to a large storage closet nearby. "3rd years, you can pick first."

Everyone scrambled to the room, pushing and shoving to try and get the best weapon they could. Many chose wooden swords and blunt daggers but Emiko and Akihiro decided to play to their strengths. Emiko had picked a bow (with a quiver full of arrows) and Akihiro had picked a wooden katana.

Once everyone had picked their weapons, Coach Hara had flung the doors at the left side of the gym open, revealing the forest that would be their battle ground.

"Remember, 3rd years are blues while 5th years are red. And, those who get hit by the other team will be teleported back here and will stay here until either team wins. Got it? Then get to it!"

He blew the silver whistle that was around his neck and everyone sprinted out into the open. The twins were the last ones out and being the person she is, Emiko decided to hide somewhere with her brother in tow (to her dismay).

"Emi, wanna work together again?" Akihiro asked as the twins hid in the canopy of an oak tree.

"Might as well." Emiko sighed and twirled a strand of hair around her finger. "We might win this thing for the 3rd years."

"Aye and kick that stupid Raiden's ass..." He said with an evil grin.

"Still holding a grudge?" Emiko sighed.

"That dumbass is going to pay..." He cackled.

Emiko raised an eyebrow and slowly shuffled away from Akihiro as a demonic aura surrounded him.

"Heartmore is a mental asylum alright..." She muttered to herself.


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