See them walk by,

happy together.

Feel the envy coil around your heart,

knowing you can't stop it.

Someone asks what's wrong,

but you don't answer because—

The envy is irrational,

and just adds to your stress.

So you just say everything is fine,

praying they don't persist.

You run away,

and the coil tightens until it hurts.

You can't breathe,

can't even see through your tears.

When you finally push the thoughts of them

out of your head—

The coiled envy disappears,

and you can breathe again.

You wipe away any trace of tears,

plaster a stain-glass smile on your face,

And go back to life,

even though you want to stay hidden.

Day after day you force yourself to

just breathe.

No matter how much it hurts.