This song is the most important to me of all my new works. Despite how it may not be as good lyrically when compared to a few of my other pieces, it was one of the few songs I managed to write even while a mind-destroying, hope corroding narcotic that I was unknowingly exposed to ravaged at my brain and inhibited my thoughts, emotions and even my dreams. Somehow, though I could barely collect my thoughts and function at all, I managed to write this, and for that it will stand in my memory and my heart till the end of my days. As my protest and topical songs are screams of rage, let this be a sigh of both sorrow and somehow surviving hope.

As is apparent, it's about fall, and not just about fall, about what I've felt in the grip of it's desolation. The loss I've experienced, the opportunities and light that were calculatingly and remorselessly taken away from me. The friend's who are gone to me, in more ways than one. And for just the sheer beauty of the season itself. The dying leaves blowing about wind-swept streets, the branches swaying in that same bitter breeze... The way the rain can be mercilessly frigid one day and then comfortingly warm the next... For everything that is still beautiful, alive and free in our world.

I give you Autumn Rain.

Autumn Rain

The leaves are dead, return again,
Summer's ever early ending.
In shades of red the blood sunset,
Is seen best while it's raining.
Some have said, "It's apparent,
Fall's vibrance is rot pretending."
But they insist on the basis,
That there's something wrong with dying!

Autumn rain, quell this pain,
And let us live for something.
Wash away these lies drawn on our eyes,
Show us what we are seeing.
Promise one day we will awake,
From this nightmare we call living.
And till that day comes, colour the sun,
Cold noxious autumn rain.

No words explain the sight of flames,
Clinging to barren branches.
We live in pain and die in vain,
But your beauty makes it worth it.
If it's my fate to disintegrate,
Then let me fade in your presence.
Seeing your face it grants me grace,
In this sad season of silence!

Autumn rain, rinse clean our brains!
Everyone deserves saving.
You and me we must be free,
From evil's contemplating.
It takes it's toll how they control,
And make us think we're choosing.
Let see the blind and free our minds,
Please save us, autumn rain!
Don't let truth be erased!
Rescue us from this place!
Let us again be amazed!
Stay with me, always...