January turned to February and once again Linwood became quiet and boring. At least, most of it did. The Wooden Arms, on the other hand, was always packed to capacity. Wren had been right about Melody being in the walls too, both skeletons were removed and given a proper burial. Although there had been no more ghostly activity at the pub, it didn't stop sensation seekers, psychics and the just plain curious from flocking to the pub in droves.

Tia sat in her bedroom window and watched another moving van trundle along Puddle Lane. The last of the flats on Harler Lane had been completed and more people were moving in every day. Tabitha and Stephen had promised them all a holiday once things quieted down and Tia was more than looking forward to it. She turned away from the window and back to her coursework, some things just couldn't wait.

Nearly an hour later, Tia stood up from her desk and groaned as her back popped. She was just tidying up her papers when a scratching sound made her turn towards her newly plastered wall. It was very loud but the sound seemed to be coming from next door and not from within the wall.

"You've got to be kidding me" she muttered. Tia walked out of her room and along the corridor; she turned into Brian's room and stopped in the doorway. He was crouched on the floor and pushing a chair backwards and forwards across the boards and making a lot of noise.

"What are you doing?" Brian looked up, he bit his lip and managed to look just like a kid with his hand caught in the biscuit tin.

"Well . . . You know . . . We gotta keep the tourists coming." Tia simply turned on her heel and went back to her room, pulling out her mobile as she went. Eve answered on the second ring.

"You'll never guess what my tit of a brother is doing."

"What's he doing now?" asked Eve. Tia explained about the chair and the scratching. Eve burst into peals of laughter and Tia started laughing too. They both agreed that brothers were a bit dense.