You know those crazy protest songs I said I was getting into writing?

Here's another.

This song is not an opinion of what has gone wrong with the world, it's a collection of observations. Marauders, rapists and murderers sit at the reins of our countries, and because we have all this fancy technology, useless stuff and food in our stomachs, we think everything is fine. The media encourages this apathy with equally pointless, moraless noise and everyone just eats. it. the. fuck. up. The people who run our country don't see you as a person. This is a fact. They see us as a collection of statistics, numbers and sheep, to file, organize, analyze, and occasionally, delete and slaughter. They see you as pawns to medicate, desensitize and control with television, medication and the sheets of bullshit called newspapers. Anyway, I could go on for hours, but I'll let the song say the rest.

Saviors and Slaves

So tell me where, are the fucking saviors?
Because all I see are slaves.
Since when did the word of liars,
Become truth in our brains?
Where human, now we're horses,
With fear forming our reins.
Like lab-rats running courses,
So painstakingly trained.
We're all so damned conditioned,
To never conceive of better days!
And if you dare to question,
Your life and more they'll rend in twain!

But it will never be in vain.
For any fate is better,
Than accepting greed and pain.
I would rather suffer,
Than blissfully obey.
Bureaucratic monsters...
How much did the demons pay,
For your sick souls on platters?
Or did you just give them away?

So who's the fucking voice of reason,
When everyone's insane?
Whats there left to believe in,
When truth is wrongfully detained?
With food in your selfish tummies,
You assume all must be okay.
Meanwhile you're crash test dummies.
Digging your own graves.
When freedoms an illusion,
Ourselves are just remains.
Of something long forgotten,
It's absence never seeming strange.

But nothing can replace,
The things that truly matter;
That evil tries to waste.
And though our blood has spattered,
We will laugh in their face!
And never will they shatter,
Like an insignificant vase,
Our hope and our laughter,
Our courage and our fates!

Though cowards, thieves and liars,
And narcissists conspire,
To cover!
The souls of those who've suffered,
In elitist fucking flames!
Surely we can overcome and understand!
Be free to do more than obey commands!
Against injustice we can take a stand,
Though the ground our blood has stained!
Cause I'd rather be slaughtered,
Than be their fucking slave.