Why does winter
Come earlier
And get worse
Every year?

At each passing, I grow more numb,
And I am slowly turning blue.
With either sadness
Or cold. I do not know.

Isolated in this place.
Surrounded by ice.
Too thin and treacherous to cross.
No one comes for me.

Not even you.

You do nothing
But stand and stare
Leave me to perish
Alone in despair

And though your tears
May fall and freeze,
I won't stop cursing,
Screaming "Please!"

"Please don't leave me
Here on my own..."
Not in this winter
I can't face it alone.

Someone dare
To cross my mind
Though it may be
Frozen and unkind

I'm trapped within
Desperate to get out.
But only with you.
Yet you care for nought.

So I get up,
With you on my back.
And how funny! Before long
The ice starts to crack.

So I throw you off
Into life and bliss
Sacrificing myself,
Falling through the abyss.

And, as I fall,
You stand and stare.
With the gift I've given you,
Yet still, you don't care.