The Doll

Her face is perfect

White with red cheeks

A smile painted on her sweet lips

She is never changing

The way she acts is all up to you

She is perfect in every way

But now she is alone

Gathering dust

Sadly watching as you move on

To bigger and better things

She is alone

Yet she keeps on smiling

She is sad

Yet she cannot cry

She has been tossed aside

For a more grownup world

Once she was loved

Held in gentle and affectionate hands

Now those hands have gone

Lost in time

She was made to be loved

She served her purpose

By loving back

Even if she could not say the words

Out loud

Now her love is lost

Lost on someone who will never return

How sad the life of a doll

Cursed to a happy fa├žade


Unable to tell her woes

How incredibly sad