I am Not a Prince

I am not a Prince,

I am a soldier,

My shining armor, does not gleam, it does not dent

It is laced with pockets, containing rounds I have not spent,

For a Prince, he may return home, to riches, and gold,

I have not seen my child; she is nearly one year old

For he may seek fortune, and fame,

And all will know his name,

For myself, my story untold,

We tell our descendants when we are old,

Of those who lived, those who died,

A Prince will receive a crown,

My best friends helicopter, was just shot down,

A Prince, a horse he rides,

A steel sword, and shield at his side,

If I met him I'd say to the Prince,

You do not know war like I do,

You have never felt utter loneliness of being deployed,

For Months and Years on end,

But I assure to you, that if its glory that you seek

You can have it,

For I am a Volunteer, I do not show, I do not boast,

I am a soldier,

I don't ride horses, or rescue damsels,

But I can do my job,

Knowing my friends won't let me down,

And as for your horse,

I think I've got you topped,

I just passed a recce drivers course,

Your sword may be able to cut through this uniform,

But you cannot break the man inside,

For I am a soldier,

I have nothing to hide,

And as for your riches, your fame and your gold,

Take them all,

Even though I am under paid, and my story never spoke,

I shall not falter,

For I know, that this uniform I wear,

Means something,

And its fabric, I shall not tear,

I'll send that prince on his way,

Knowing that I'll meet him again someday,

But for now I remain,

On the field of war,

Steadfast for my country

I couldn't ask much more.