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Chapter 1

I want to make an offer to you Miss Zingmond," the suited man in front of me smiled. It was eerie and stirred something unsettling inside of me...Definitely not some warm fuzzy feeling. With the black limo and the dark leather brief case, nothing about this man was warm and inviting. He screamed business.

"Why?" I shake my right arm, "I'm broken," I laugh bitterly.

"On the contrary," his right hand pulled something out of his briefcase, "We believe that your talents would be useful to us at the academy," he flipped open the folder with one hand, "Exceptional grades, a spotless record, track star and top rower."

"You forget sir," I repeat, "I lost all of that and my scholarship once I screwed up my arm. I am now a penniless, homeless and degree-less failure who can't even face her parents, living two star hotel, begging for scraps and trying to find a job. On top of that, I can barely sign my name."

"We can fix that."

That's all it took.

I was in.

A few month later, I entered the Knowlton Academy with absolutely no expectations. The one hope I clung to was that this was suppose to make everything better. That somehow, miraculously, I could be saved.

After severing ties with my family, one of the requirements of the academy, and sacrificing everything I had before, I was left with this. My last option.

Sometimes you have to take leap of faith you know?

"Welcome to the Academy Miss..." a man similar to the man who had came to visit me before, we're talking same haircut and same suit, greeted me at the front.

"Kiara...Kiara Zingmond,"

"Right this way Miss Zingmond..may I take your bags?"

What kind of school was this?

It seemed like I wasn't the only one\ on the way to wherever he was taking me, I saw other students following their own mysterious men in black suits. From the looks of it, they looked just as confused as I was.

"Excuse me?" I tapped his shoulder with my left arm.

"Yes Miss Zingmond?"

"Umm Alfred," I called him the first 'butler' name I could think of, "Where are we going?"

"I am taking you to the Blackwood dorm where you'll be staying. Then you are to head to the main hall where you will be addressed by the Dean. Following that, you are to go to the Jabaugh center to pick up your schedule. After that you are free to explore the many dining options for dinner. Then at nine you are to meet your fellow residences as well as your resident assistants."

"Wow," I whistled, "Do you have that written down somewhere?"

"No, I suspect that you'll use your photographic memory to repeat it later."

I froze, "How do you know that?"

"All students undergo a full background check before entering the academy," he replied as if it were an obvious fact.

"I don't like that tone Winston," I retorted, "Forgive me if I don't know anything more about this academy other than its name."

"We are here," he still managed to reply in a calm tone, "The Blackwood dorm is named after Sir Collin Blackwood, who after being knighted returned to the United States and participated in the..." he began rattling off on some nonsense that I was too shocked to hear.

The Blackwood Dorms looked nothing like a dormitory. It was too polished, too clean...too...nice? It would give the Ritz a run for their money and made the Hlton look like a truck stop. I really doubt that the school would spend so such on mere living quarters. I was scared to see what the rest of the school looked like.

Because this place was too perfect. Too perfect to accept crippled students like me.

"On behalf of the staff, alumni and founders...I welcome you to Knowlton Academy!" the Dean stepped off the podium. By the looks of it, the assembly had been for new students only. According to the curly haired girl next to me who kept biting her nails, the returning students would be arriving tomorrow. All of this orientation crap had been for the newbies.

I was counting the seconds for it to be over.

The Jabogo or Jackobaugh center or whatever it was called was a little further than the main hall. After being tousled by other students who were also eager to get their schedules I decided to split from the crowd and head down a hall. I was few doors down from the main hall when I tripped.

On my first day of school.

At my new life.

Over a pair of legs.

Because one of my stupid arms weren't functioning, I ended up in an awkward, half-face plant position.


"What the f-" groaned the owners of those legs.

I pushed myself up with my good arm, "I'm sorry I-" I was greeted with the deepest set of blue eyes I had ever seen. Eyes like the sea after a storm. They contrasted his dark hair and the black clothes he was wearing. He was perfect but had a mysterious aura about him.

Kind of like this school.

"Ow," he repeated with more emphasis.

"I'm sorry," I managed to say and began to push myself off to run away.

"Hold on," he grabbed me with my paralyzed arm, I fell awkwardly again on him.

Not that I minded.

"What's with your arm?" he squeezed it a little, I felt my heart quicken.

"Umm, I fell?" I glanced at the crowd moving through the hallway.

"May I?" he gestured to my arm.

What was he doing?

I nodded slowly, cautiously.

He inspected it and squeezed it a little again. He ran his fingers along my upper arm, they were cool. I nearly melted.

"Paraplegia. Loss of an arm, monoplegia. Motor functions; limited. Expected recovery..." he began murmuring some other diagnosis to himself before I cut him off.

"You can tell that much just by squeezing my arm?"

He shrugged and then let go of my arm. He laid back again, "Good luck with classes...freshman."

I stood up, "Kiara."

He smiled lazily, "Kiara. I'm Jake."

I walked away.


What do you think? It's again centered around a private academy, but this time it has a little mystery and hopefully more drama. (I guess I have a weakness for those?) No magic. No fantasy. Romance. There will however, be another love interest!

I hope you enjoyed it.

I'll see you next chapter!