Silver. What a ridicules colour.

I put on the glasses and looked in the mirror. It worked. The thickness shielded anybody from seeing my eyes, and though it made things a little bleary, my eyesight was still fairly good. I was hoping it would dull my sight, but not all hopes are answered.

I put on the black school blazer. School started in thirty minutes and I had to walk at least a mile to get there. Grabbing my bag I made my way down the stairs to the kitchen.

Charlotte was eating at the table.

"Good morning Charlotte, ready for school?"

"Al! Father said he would take me early to make sure I am settled before he leaves."

She was so adorable anyone would love her instantly. She was only five and was as enthusiastic about everything as I was about being alone.

"What are you wearing?" She asks, standing up in her chair to try to take off my glasses.

Letting her see them, I answered, "Glasses for school."

"Why? You don't need them."

"Trust me, I do." I took back the glasses gently.


Mr. Millan entered the kitchen in his suit for work. He gave Charlotte a small smile, ruffling her hair in its blond pigtails.

He looked to me, expression now serious. He wanted to talk so I stepped into the other room. He followed a moment later.

"School will not be on your priority list, you understand?" He said in his even tone.

"Yes." I answered expressionless.

"You are to be home by four, tend to your chores and make sure Charlotte is ready for bed. If this school business interferes with scheduled events, your work comes first. Do not let anyone know your identity."

"Yes, sir." If I were foolish enough to accidentally give away my identity, all the business that's been happening above my head would turn to ash. That is why I must wear the glasses. Either way, Mr. Millan was against the school idea. But I had made it into this school as an honor student, so as long as I held who I was a secret, Mr. Millan was fine with it.

"Good." I put on the glasses and he peered in it to make sure my eyes were not visible. Anybody who saw it would know who my father is. "Go, then." He said.

I walked through the small mansion, saying good-bye to Charlotte at the double doors. Stepping out into the sun I began the long walk to school.

It was huge, maybe a building bigger than Mr. Millan's house. Everyone in uniform was heading to the main building. A very rich contributor established the school; the students that attend were of the rich families that could afford it. In fact, the man who established it held the name of Devon Caim, but since he was considered a 'St.' to the rich for being so 'kind' for establishing a school fit for their children, the school was called St. Caims. If Mr. Millan had wanted me to come here, he'd be able to pay the fee but since he didn't I had to get here on my own. It was a small hindrance to getting a good education I didn't need. Passing the test to get accepted was as easy as breathing, but nobody needed to know that. Neither did the fact that I probably knew everything they were bound to teach needed to go public.

I noticed the unwelcomed stares as I entered the building. I was supposed to report to the principles office first, so I made my way to the administration hall; ignoring the stares directed in my direction slowly strained my nerves.

"I see you're all ready for school, I am pleased we are able to have such a talented student attend here." Mr. Stenman sat opposite of me in a plush chair. As the current principle, he had a couple of pictures of him with different supporting families on the walls. He had grey hair and brown beady eyes that seemed to know little else beside money.

"I'm not talented, just committed to getting a good education."

He smiled. "Well, aside from the good education, do you know what club you are thinking of joining?"

A club? Why hadn't I heard about this? "No, is it mandatory for the students to attend a club?"

"Yes, families send their children here to get a good education as you seek, but think of this school as a place where they go to by their time away. You must join a club by Wednesday. Clubs meet every day for three hours, two thirty to five thirty. I expect you will find one without hassle?"

So, in other words, this was the rich's playground. Well, I knew that from rumors, but I was here to learn, not associate myself with others. "Of course." I said.

"Then here are your classes, have a good year Mr. Parker."

What a stupid last name. Mr. Millan refused to have it any other way; Parker was a common last name so it shouldn't be too strange. I was not to attract any attention to his public figure. Actually, that was exactly what I was suppose to do, but not in this way.

I made my way to class 1A. Ms. Rameir was waiting outside the class to welcome me. She said the students were very nice when I get the chance to meet them, which I wasn't counting on.

We walked into the classroom that went quiet at Ms. Rameir's enter.

"Good morning everyone, I'd like to introduce you all to our new honor student, Allen Parker."

The students were looking at me as though I were a commoner in royalties domain. Well I was, though a commoner only in their eyes.

I was seated in the back by a window that over looked the front grounds of the school. It was a nice view, if only I could look at sights like this more often. I felt a pair of eyes against my back. Sure, everyone was taking looks, but this one was unrelenting. I looked to my right.

A boy with tousled brown hair looked back. He had a red band on the upper sleeve of his blazer. It felt weird, how his eyes stared persistently into the glasses. Because of this I looked away. Foolish, I called myself, no one could see through the thick lenses. Mr. Millan had these specially made. It was more of a one-way mirror than framed glass. A slow smile that raised the hairs on my arms grew on the boys face.

"You must be really smart to get in as an honor student." He commented. The smile suggested he was up to something, what was it?

"I guess." I spoke quietly, unsure.

"What club are you joining?" He asked.

"I'm not sure yet."

His smile broadened. "In that case, join Un Ciel."

"What is it?" I asked suspiciously.

"Come, and we'll tell you. We meet–"

"Dustin, how many times will I catch you talking during class before you finally stop?" Ms. Rameir said playfully. That's right, the teachers wouldn't really scold the children of high standing figures.

"Sorry, Ms., please continue." He said with a smile. She continued the lesson.
Dustin tried to talk to me throughout class, but when he realized I was ignoring him, he stopped. What a nuisance, he didn't have to pay attention, but as the honor student I was expected to.

At lunch I decided it would be better to keep to myself than go to the overly priced cafeteria. I didn't plan on eating anyway; all I needed was a quiet place to read.

I walked through the halls. This place was bound to have a class not in use. The corridor I walked down was worn with the obvious marks of someone being here. I stopped in front of a class with the window on the door blocked with wood. The sign was crossed out and had a faded drawing taped above it. I opened the door.

What should have been a deserted classroom wasn't by the least. It seemed like the regular classes, vast and with gold lights hanging above. But this one had no desks besides a fancy one to the side in the corner. Instead plush armchairs, a sofa and a small coffee table was place in the middle of the room and a chandelier hung above. I adjusted the glasses, was I seeing things right?

"Welcome to Un Ciel." I froze. There were people here too. Geeze, what were the chances of me to have come across a room in use that looks deceiving from the out side?

"Hey, its Allen." Dustin was there. I looked at the people who were spread across the room.

There was a girl with light brown hair pulled half up with a ribbon and bangs that hung to the side of her hazel brown eyes sitting at the coffee table drinking tea across from a boy with black hair that hung over glasses that you could clearly see his pale green eyes through. He ignored everything happening around him and continued reading. The person who had greeted me beside Dustin was blond and had vibrant light blue eyes and stood beside the boy who was reading. They all had a red band of fabric around their upper arms; now that I looked I noticed the gold out line of the same image that was drawn on the door.

"You know him?" The blond haired guy asked.
"Yeah, this is the honor student that was accepted. Allen Parker, he hasn't joined a club yet."

"I see, your first day and you already have a problem, well I suppose this club exists for that reason, you can explain over here at the coffee table–"

"Excuse me?" I cut in. What were they talking about?

"Let him speak, maybe he had come to join the club." Dustin inquired. The other two who had been minding their own business looked over.

"Really? You would like to join us?" The blond hair boy spoke.

"Actually, I–"

"There are three tests you need to pass first, anyone who's tried hasn't passed it before."

"No, I–"
"The people you see here are original members, so it would be useless to ask them for help on the tests."


"We know you're smart, but these tests–"

"Stop!" I exclaimed. Were these people capable of listening? "I didn't come here for your club, I was looking for a quiet place to read, and I came here by accident."

There was silence in the room, then the boy with black hair stood and walked over to Blondie. He whispered something behind the book. Whatever he whispered it made both of them grin and look me over one more time. Maybe I should just leave; backing up I hit something. When I looked back, Dustin smiled innocently. When had he moved behind me? And was he blocking the entrance on purpose?

"Well, we'll take a vote. Whoever is in favor of Allen Parker taking the test to join Un Ciel, raise your hand, if you have any objections speak up now."

All three boys raised their hand. I looked at the girl. Please don't raise your hand…

"Rin?" Blondie asked the girl. She put down her cup of tea and walked over.

"We're going to let a poor honor student into our club?" She asked. I didn't take offence; she literally looked like she was confused. The one with the book whispered to her, what were the boys planning?

"Oh…" She said slowly. She giggled. "That's so like you two." She broadened her smile and raised her hand to agreement.

"Then its decided, after school during clubs you will report here to take the three test." He pointed a finger straight in my face and I shied away.

"You know me, this is our leader Caleb," Dustin pointed to the blond guy, then the one with the book, "and Kei. Then our only girl, Riri." She sighed in response.

"Its Rin, he's the only one that calls me Riri." She shook her head.

I didn't want to join any club; I had bad memories in those fields. All I wanted was to go to school. But I had taken the effort to get here, so I miles well see how long it last. But joining a club had not been my intention.

"What if I don't want to join?" I asked.

Caleb looked at me as though I'd just called him a lunatic. "Why wouldn't you?"

"Because…" He got me; I didn't have any other clubs in mind and was sure if I invited myself to one, my presence would not be welcomed. So if they are inviting me for whatever reasons…I sighed, okay, whatever was going on I will play along for now.

"Well, even if you don't want to join you wouldn't have a choice. These three always get what they want." Rin informed. Great, so I was joining a club where spoiled rich kids ruled.

"What is this club, Un Ciel?" I asked.

"Un Ciel, it means One Sky in French. Cam started this club to help any disputes on campus. I guess we would be considered a second student counsel, but we help people we see that needs help or come to us for assistance. Everyone lives under one sky, so we should live peacefully in one world." Kei rolled of the description as if it were rehearsed.

"And when you don't have problems to solve?" I insisted.

"Then we stay here and…well, nothing. Its better than a sports or academic club, you have to admit." Caleb smiled. What an idiot.

In simple words, this club had no point in existing at all. It acted as an image to let these four rich kids off the chain during club period. Until five thirty each day, all this group of friends has to do is relax. Why did I have to get involved with this?

It's better than the last school. I hardened, that's right. I preferred this than what happened last time. I shook my head.

The warning bell for class rang making me jump. Dustin wrapped an arm around mine and pulled me out the door. "Bye Caleb, Riri! Kei," He gave a death stare over his shoulder. "No reading."

Dustin ran, practically pulling me along. We got stares from many people that we passed, it seemed Dustin was popular, saying hi to almost everyone. I, on the other hand got glares.

Rich kids, they're all the same.

Class was boring; I realized half way through I had learned this stuff two years ago. Maybe this school really was pointless after all. But as the last minutes of class ended, I dreaded having to face the people in the 'Un Ciel' club.

"Relax, the tests are impossible, but its only formality. Caleb and Kei will think of a way to get you in the club. They always do." My impression of Caleb and Kei wasn't good to begin with, and this was not helping.

Dustin pushed open the door. Everything was pushed to the side of the room and the desk that had been in the corner was brought to the middle, facing the big window away from the door.

"Ready for your test Allen?" Caleb was leaning against the desk.


"Good." Dustin pushed me to the desk, seating me down.

"Okay, the first part of the test is a written exam, it has different subjects all mixed into one. You have thirty minutes to complete the test, if you don't, you fail automatically." Kei, who had been leaning against the wall, reached into a box on the side and pulled out a stack of papers. He slammed it down in front of me; I swear it was at least three inches.

"You mean this is the whole test and I have to complete it in thirty minutes? That's impossible!"

"Oh, and to make sure you have a chance at finishing it, we'll make the bargain more interesting." Caleb stood in front of me, blocking out the sun coming in the window. "If you don't finish, we will have you kicked out of this school." He looked serious.

"But…" I was stunned. Were all kids here this harsh?

"Its completely possible. You are only an honor student, we could have the rules changed with Kei here, he's on the student counsel and his family is a big influence." Rin stood by the door. They all smiled like this was a fun game that never got old.

I looked at the stack of papers; I wanted to stay in this school. At the moment this was the one thing that I had done for myself and gave me salvation.

"Fine." He stood. "But everyone needs to get out." I stood and started pushing Caleb to the door.


"I can't cheat, I had no idea I'd have to do this. But I need to concentrate. So everyone, out." Everyone surprisingly followed. Kei was looking suspiciously at me, but continued to leave.

I slammed the door. Looking at the papers, I sighed, taking off my glasses. Everything focused, making me blink. I sat and began the test, my hand flying down the paper and shading and writing the correct answers. It seemed I couldn't move my hand fast enough. The test was almost too easy. I could have it done in ten minutes if I wanted too, but my goal was only to pass requirements. I slowed down, forcing my brain to take everything in.


He took it off… Allen, who had sat and started with his test, had his glasses sitting on the side. Wouldn't he need them? I narrowed my eyes, trying to get a good look at his face but when I couldn't see his eyes, I decided to leave following Caleb, Dustin, and Rin to the other room.