Secretly, Karen

Chapter 1: Visits

Timmy McCurry hugged his stuffed frog tightly as the thunder boomed outside of his window. He felt a bit uneasy, his parents had left him, again, for the fourth time this week to go out and have drinks. The whole house was pitch black, the only ray of light was his night-light. Ted had everything locked, his door, his windows, and everything that had a lock that he could get his hands on to lock.

He sat on his bed, covered in blankets, and looked out the window.

He shivered a bit, sinking into the blankets, afraid of what might appear ta his window.

There came a tap, and Ted looked around.

He turned back to the window and screamed as he saw a hook. He calmed down a bit and soon a face appeared. "BOO!"

Timmy screamed falling off his bed, and his frog flew out of his arms. From the window came crazy laughter. "Yo! Ed, open the window!"

Timmy got up and walked over to the window, his heart still racing.

The guy got in and glared at Timmy, "What did I tell you about locking the window!"

Timmy shrugged hugging his frog. "Mom and Dad left, they told me to lock the doors."

He rolled his eyes. "Don't lock the window."

Timmy nodded with fright. "Where did your parents go anyways, they've been leaving every single night."

Timmy shrugged climbing back onto his bed.

"They like to go out." The guy rolled his eyes and laughed. "Go out and leave you here while you shit your pants. Yeah, some nice parents you got there Ed."

Timmy stared at him, "don't say bad words James." James rolled his eyes. "Look, your parents are the worst. They don't even care for you."

Timmy shook his head. "No, that's not true. They love me, i know they do." James burst into laughter. "Please!" he yelled. "They don't love you! They hardly even know your name!"

James got quiet and looked Timmy in the eyes. "You know, i know your name, Timmy I care for you. I take care of you while your parents go out and do some crazy shit. I wouldn't abandon you in an empty house."

Timmy stayed quiet and looked at James. "Heck! I'd be a better parent than those fuckers!"

Timmy stared and looked away. James started ranting and cursing and Timmy started crying softly. He stuffed his head into his flat pillow and tried to ignore James.

James soon stopped when he heard sniffles. He hurried to Timmy's aid. "Ed, I mean Timmy, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. Well actually I did mean what i said about your parents they're stupid."

In a matter of seconds Timmy started crying again.

James cursed under his breath and cradled Timmy in his skinny arms. "I'm sorry Timmy. Please stop crying."

Timmy sniffled, and stuffed his face into James's shoulder.

"I'm sorry"

In a matter of minutes, Timmy fell asleep in James' arms. James gently placed him in his bed and climbed out the window. He looked one more time. "Goodnight Timmy."

There came a flash, Timmy's parents car came into view. James growled clenching his knife that was in his jacket. He resisted the urge to kill them, and wistfully made it to his apartment.

Karen Diaz made her way to the dimmed alley.

She carefully looked around, making sure this wasn't a joke from the headmaster.

Karen felt the sting of coldness as the knife she had in her boot rubbed against her skin. Karen bit her lip and walked into the dim lighting. "I'm here." She said.

"lovely" said a gruff voice. "You came, how nice." He said dully.

Karen rolled her eyes. "I'm here. What do you need."

The Headmaster chuckled. "Karen-"

Karen glared. "I'm HERE! What DO YOU WANT?" she shrieked. Headmaster stopped, and his face had an angry expression. "Very well then. I need you to kill someone for me."

Karen nodded, smirking. "I'm listening."

Headmaster smiled. "Good. Now I want you to kill James Reynolds, that nasty maggot goes by 'J' when you find out who that is, bring him to me, dead or alive. Preferably DEAD, got it Karen?"

Karen nodded. "As you wish Headmaster."

"Good, not get going. Don't fail me."

Karen rolled her eyes. "Have I ever failed you before Headmaster?"

Headmaster looked deeply into her bright blue eyes. "No, but don't start."

Karen nodded, smiling. "I wouldn't dream of failing you sir."

Headmaster nodded, "Good, I'll see you once you have James."

Karen nodded and watched the Headmaster walk to his car.

"Once James Reynolds is dead, you're next Headmaster, just you wait."