I got bored and when you surf the internet and you're an otaku, there are A CRAP LOAD of stuff you want~

An Otaku's Christmas list!

The English version of the movie "Hetalia: Paint it, White!"

Google to find Prussia/ The New Prussian Kingdom on the map.

LOTS of money.

Tablet PC

Yaoi doujinshis

I want more reviewers.

School to start teaching us with Hetalia: Axis Powers/World Series.

For the makers of Hetalia to admit that Germany/Ludwig is HRE* and that GerIta/HRExChibitalia IS CANNON!

A Vocaloid** unit (preferably Miku, Rin & Len, Kaito, Gakupo, MEIKO, and Luka)

Cosplay….lots and lots of cosplay.


My own room.

Fluffy USUK fics.

Sebastian to stop **EFF**ing around and LEAN CLOSER!***

Hetalia to have ANOTHER season.

For Ouran High School Host Club to have another season (and dub it in English)

The 2nd season of Hetalia dubbed in English.

An Usa-chan doll

A Shinatty-chan doll

A kuma-chan doll (oh wait, I already have one…)

A Mr. Kumajiro doll

Hm…what else?

OH! Another con on Guam (why did this one have to be the last? It was especially fun!)

I guess that's it…..

And that's my Otaku's Christmas list!