This is for John Lennon, the government's victims on 9/11, the Kennedy brothers, all the dead soldiers, and all the others murdered by the corrupt either for standing against injustice or just to start pointless wars and maintain their control of our world. You are not forgotten. And neither are the crimes of the wicked.

Conspiracy of Ignorance

So here we are, playing the games of...
Cowards who hide, behind lies and guns.
Who may as well have pulled the trigger,
On the Kennedies, and John Lennon.
And all the nameless, faceless others,
From New York to Afghanistan.
Let's all kneel, before our leaders...
And praise the Gods of fear, and illusion.

Or drop the sword!
Stare downward!
The dying soldier, is your brother!
Nothing makes us!
Opposing warriors!
But the word of, Presidential murderers!

Is everybody, playing stupid?
Because you all, can't be so dumb.
Why can't you strive to see, through your blindness?
To see the sheep you've all become.
Because in silence, we are as blamess,
As George Bush in '01.
And your denial doesn't change the statement,
When good says nothing, evil's won.

So turn your blades!
On your true enemies!
Those who alter and control what you perceive!
Disguising badly!
Their sick hypocrasy!
They bathe in riches and dare to say equality!
Defile your right to choose and dare to say liberty!
Composed of mistruth and dare to accuse dishonesty!
They put a price on a freedom that we've never been allowed to see!

One, two, three.
My jobs to do the singin',
Yours is to hear and see.
Your paycheque is your prison.
You let the news sculpt your belief.
And not believing in your shackles,
Doesn't fucking make you free.
You dare claim that resistance,
Is malcontent and heresy?
That just means you're condoning,
Greed and atrocity.
Of all the useless battles,
This one ain't illusory.
So cast your riders from their saddles,
And sing alone with me.