Family Night


The man stood in the family room staring longingly at a picture of them. In his right hand he held an ax. The room was decorated for Christmas, a day that would be coming soon. This man did not belong there and he himself knew that. As he gazed at the picture, Amado smiled slightly. He had been watching them for awhile, he felt like they were his. Even though he knew they would never accept him. He loved them with all his being. But they would never love him back. They would take one look at him and reject him instantly. Amado gripped his ax tighter as a tear fell from his eye. That is why they have to die.

Now he stood in their house with his Santa suit on and his ax, he was ready. The family had a mom and dad along with a teenage daughter. They were all asleep upstairs, unaware of his presence. Amado decided that he would go for the parents first. With his ax firmly in hand, he made his way up the steps as quietly as possible. He barely made a sound. The parent's room was at the end of the hallway. Their door was opened halfway, he could see Kathy sleeping. The woman looked so peaceful, this was the perfect time for him to end her.

Amado pushed open the door slowly, it creaked a little causing him to grimace. He always hated when a door made sounds but luckily it did not wake the couple. Darren was sleeping peacefully next to his wife, they looked perfect together. He crept over to Kathy's side of the bed when he stood close to her, he raised his ax. "You could never love me..." he whispered softly as he brought the ax down onto the sleeping woman's skull. He pulled back the weapon and then suddenly Darren stirred and rolled over putting an arm over his dead and bleeding wife. A wave of panic went through a moment, quickly he brought the ax down upon Darren, believing he might have woken up. Letting out a sob, Amado brought the ax over his head once again and then he brought it down on the couple. Again and again.

He kept chopping until his arms grew tired. Breathing heavily he pressed his back to the wall. For a moment he had almost forgotten about the girl. After a moment of rest he walked out the bedroom door, her room was around the corner of the hallway. Her door was wide open but once Amado looked inside, she was not there.


Christy stood in the kitchen sipping a glass of water, she had heard footsteps but she thought her mom or dad might be up. Her body was shivering slightly, it was pretty cold in the house. And her pink nightgown wasn't enough to keep her completely warm. Once she finished drinking, she sat her glass down and headed for the steps.

When she got to the bottom of the steps she looked up and saw a man. Her body jumped in a jolt of fear. The unfamiliar man was in a blood covered Santa suit holding an ax, looking down at her with wide and void eyes. "W-who are you?" she shouted. He must have killed her parents with that ax of his, why else would he be covered in blood.

"I'm your big brother" the man said.

"You killed my parents!" she cried, backing away from the stairs.

"Yes, and now you must die with them" he said, "I'm very sorry"

Christy shook her head and ran to the front door. It had been unlocked...they always felt safe enough to leave it unlocked. How easily, that man had gotten in. Once she opened the door she was hit with the cold air from outside, screaming she ran out into the snowy night.