He was not done talking after that night. I never had to press him for stories or information. Once he admitted what his nightmares were about it was as though someone had turned on the tap. Not in terms of crying. He actually didn't cry all that much as he told me story after story. I think he just needed someone to talk to and he hadn't know that until he couldn't even sleep. He asked me a slew of questions, some about my own personal sex life. Honestly, he looked very taken aback when I told him that I am not a virgin. I did not know if I should be hurt or not.

Regardless, its finally Saturday morning and Brandon's work buddies picked him up last night. Presumably he's not coming back until Monday. I've been thinking about giving Siyah a bit of a treat. A way for him to go back outside for at least a day.

I go to the living room couch, package in hand. I already paid Brandon back for letting me use his debit card.

Siyah's ear swivels to face me, but he continues watching the t.v.

I plop down next to him and he turns, eying the little box.

"I have a surprise for you. But you have to trust me."

His tail sways rather visibly, the long, wavy fur floating before following each movement.


When he finishes up, I feel much more confident in my planning. Once violet eyes are now hidden by the brown colored contacts I purchased online. He wears a pair of my jeans that I've kept since my days of wearing chains, and t-shirts with angry slogans.

The legs on this pair are large and billowy; leaving his tail at least some space while the multitude of chains and pockets mean that the bulge in the fabric will be less noticeable. I had to put a new hole in my tether belt, about three or four inches past the one I use, in order to keep the pants from falling down. He's gained weight since being here, but not enough to be my size.

He adjusts the grey shirt that is decorating his chest and stomach with a spiraling and twisting black dragon decal.

'Ah, I remember those days. Yes, the angsty environmentalist.' I smile at him, noticing how the shirt fits him loosely where it would have snugly pressed on my own body.

Overall, the outfit, accompanied by his black hair, makes him look more like another skinny punk and less like anybody people should take notice of. While getting him dressed I explained minor things like grinning instead of smiling and covering his mouth if he wanted to laugh. Unfortunately I did not make it sound like a very safe experience.

"Do the contacts feel okay?" I look into his eyes, some signs of redness from when we were both struggling to keep his eyes from blinking closed at the intrusion.

"They feel strange but not bad." He looks at the floor before shyly looking back at me. "Where are we going?"

With my finger, I lightly tickle the inside of his ear and watch it flutter; ignoring the glare he tosses at me.

"I told you, it's a surprise!"

"I know. I'm just nervous." He sighs but I do not let it dampen my plans. I had to except his reaction to be like this.

"It'll be worth it. I promise."



I have to lean heavily to one side so as to not crush my tail.

Once again, the scenery outside the car window is zipping past me at a terrible rate.

Corrin is a little more reckless than master's driver was.

"Corrin..." I whine. I know it is wrong to not trust him but someone in my position has a right to a little paranoia.

He laughs. As always, laughing instead of being irritated.

"We're almost there! I promise!"

"You said that five minutes ago." A pout takes over my lips.

"And I meant it five minutes ago. Not much time has elapsed since then." He ducks his head, straining to see something off to the side. "Told you! There it is. Put your hat on and get ready for your surprise."

My ears flatten before I pull the thin, grey beanie over my head, adjusting my hair so that it fits more comfortably. We pull off the road and into a queue of vehicles.

I eye the other cars nervously.

"This is a lot of people."

"I know. But that is what your outfit is for. You'll blend right in." He softens his voice. "I know its scary, but relax a little." The car inches forward as the line passes by a booth.

My eyes scan all around me, trying to find some clue as to where I am.

It does not take very long.

There is a tall sign, stretching up into the sky proclaiming in bold yellow letters 'ZOO'.

My heart flutters a bit and I try to control the excitement in my voice before speaking.

"Are we going to the zoo?"

"Yes we are." He smirks knowingly; predicting my reaction.

We're one car away from the entrance booth and I hide what must be a ridiculously goofy smile by starting out of the window.


The smell of the place is what I first notice.

It is not like the sharp, irritating fumes from the gas station.

This is earthy and warm with the pungent scent of fur.

"Where do you want to go first?" Corrin asks twisting, and adjusting the little fold out map.

I merely shake my head, feeling quite overwhelmed.

He chuckles at me.

"Lets just walk a bit then."

I follow only by keeping him in the corner of my vision. The rest of me is observing the giant cage off in the distance, filled with tiny yellow birds that are screeching and flying from one branch of their enclosure to another. Once they are out of sight, I hear a yapping off in the distance and my ears attempt to perk up under the hat.

Corrin softly calls my name and I realize I have drifted away from him. I dodge children with ice cream cones and a young woman happily pushing along a man in a wheelchair.

"Here, look." He says once I find my way back to his side.

There are small kids crowding around a circular enclosure.

Lowered some feet into the ground, a mound of rock sits in the center of the space, surrounded by water. Older children stand on the bars, leaning over and squealing with joy.

We approach and I notice large, fat figures skimming just bellow the surface of the water, creating a bulge in the surface. Suddenly, a nose breaks the surface, releasing a huff of hot air before taking in a deep gulp of oxygen and diving deeper into the waters. Something moves on the rocks. I had not noticed it before as it's brown pelt matches the stone perfectly. It sits up on its over sized front flippers, eyes black but not as doe like as they seemed on the documentaries. This creature instead looks powerful with its bulging neck and watchful gaze. The engraving 'Sea-Lion' along the front of the enclosure gives a name to the mass of fur and muscle.

"So cute!" A tiny girl, with three missing teeth, points at the giant.

"Scary." A boy, presumably her younger brother mutters to the his mother as she carries him in her arms.

"What next?"

The large sea-lion pushes his way back into the water and I try to stifle a smile as all the possibilities run through my mind.

We visited bats, toucans, marmosets, ibex, dung beetles, wallabies and all other manner of fluffy, scaly, furred creature.

I do admit to feeling pangs of jealousy and anger when some of the animals would yawn; exposing their pointed, unshaven incisors.

Still, there is one animal I long to see.

"Can we go to the giraffes yet?"

Corrin looks at his watch as he has every time I asked this question.

"In a minute."

I return my gaze to the hippo, half submerged and resting her chin above the surface. She sleeps as the sun glitters on her pinkish, purple skin.

"Which one is your favorite?" I pique up.

"Of the hippos?"
"No. Of everything here." I lounge against the bars. Not too many people were jostling to see the resting behemoth.

"Hmm..I'd have to say...toucans."

I playfully scowl.

"Hey, that's not fair. We got to see your favorite animal. Why do we have to wait to see mine?"

"I said in a minute!"

"That's still waiting."


I badly want to quicken my pace as we approach a sign with illustrations of the long-necked beasts peeking up over their name.

Yet fear of the crowd still swims in the back of my mind and I do not want to go too far ahead of Corrin. He, on the other hand, languidly walks beside me, obviously dragging out every moment of my anticipation.

Finally, I see them and my lips part with a sigh. The creatures are off near a tall balcony, pacing back and forth as through they themselves are awaiting something wonderful.

"I never imagined they would be so big."

My eyes try to see everything at once. Their gait, their knobby knees and even knobbier heads. As they pace, split hooves splay apart in the packed sand of their enclosure, supporting their massive weight with each step. Their, plump, fuzzy lips move about, mushing softly together and their large, fluffy ears flit with every distant shriek of excited visitors.

"Come on."

I follow the mop of curls, which have grown longer in the time since we met, over to the balcony. As we climb the wooden steps, other zoo goers come into view; many with their children in their arms.

I manage to keep my composure while walking over to the edge of the platform. I rest my elbows on the ledge, able to stand at the same height as the tallest creature on earth. The tip of my hidden tail swivels in tranquility, wrapping softly around my leg.

"Oh look sweetie! Look, see the bucket" A father coos at the little girl in his arms and she turns to irritably look upon the zoo staff member appearing with a a large, white bucket.

People begin to line up, opening their hands to receive a handful of greenish pellets and a few orange stick; the scent of which tells me that they are carrots.

The parents coo at their children, encouraging them to take the green orbs in their tiny, uncoordinated fists. Corrin leads me into the line and I suddenly find that I am eagerly awaiting my turn at the bucket.

A smile composed of naturally red lips and shining white teeth greets me and I keep my own lips pursed together in tight, but hopefully warm smile. Humans don't have embellished canines. It would be an instant give away. She hands both of us our bundles and Corrin nudges me with his elbow, delicately balancing his parcel and shuffling over to an empty spot along the ledge.

There are the waiting giraffes, their nostrils flare and their ears face fully forwards. All at once, the herd of six individuals press their steady gait onward and approach us.

One of the shortest ones catches sight of me and her huge eyes look up eagerly.

A nervousness creeps under my skin. I've never been this close to any creature, let alone one this big. My excitement falters for a moment as my brain tries to process exactly how one should interact with a giraffe.

"Corrin?" I pull away from the edge of the balcony, only to bump into the curly haired man.

"Go! Go feed her something." He nudges me again and the little giraffes eyes are once again in view. She cranes her neck, swaying a bit to get a better look at me. Her serpent like tongue pokes past her lips and stretches out towards me.

Perhaps it was the slave in me, or maybe it is how a decent person would react, but I immediately put the feed into a small pile on the rail, pick up a few pellets and hold out my hand to her. The black tongue wraps around in my palm and she whisks the food away. Her giant mandibles flex momentarily as she makes quick work of the treat, sniffing at me for some more.

"You do it." I smile over to Corrin, nervousness gone from me and a jovial spirit taking over once more.

The little female steps over to him, stretching her neck to take a carrot from his hand.

I watch the tender moment; peace emanating through me.

Then, I am startled by a great huff of hot air passing my neck.I look up at the culprit. A much larger giraffe has moved in to snatch away the smaller one's snacks. He is big enough to rest his chin on the rail and his tongue sweeps out, grabbing up half of the pellets in my pile.

"Hey!" I half-heartedly scold the giant, moving quickly to guard what remains.

"Take some of mine." Corrin deposits some of the feed into my spot and I give him a hurried thanks before covering the replenished stock with my hands; the large creature trying to repeat his dishonest deed of just a moment ago. I begin to feed him and he seems content to no longer steal.

The little female peeks up from his side, not wanting to be forgotten.

'Real giraffes. I never thought I would see them. Not my lifetime.'

Corrin cringes as the smaller animal makes taking the carrot from him a particularly slobbery affair.

I bow my head to hide my decorations as we both break into a childish laughter.


Exhausted from our trip, I had changed into something more freeing for my tail, crawled into bed and flopped onto my stomach as I would after training. In the meantime, Corrin scours his pile of clothing, trying to change into something comfortable. I can hear him sighing but I do not know what for. The sound of a shirt being smoothed tells me that he has finally settled on something.

"You always get my clothes so clean and then I make them smell like fish again."

I look over my shoulder to find him standing behind me, an honestly frustrated look on his face.

I pull my tail across the underside of his chin. A few strands are brushed by his stubble.

"Well I certainly don't mind. I like the smell of fish."

His eyebrows raise, "I hadn't thought about that." He combs his fingers through my fur and I stretch out, very much approving.

He gets into bed beside me and there, on his cheeks, "Corrin? Why are you blushing?"

The pink hue becomes darker.

He clears his throat a little, "Uh, your..tail..on my neck..that thing. Just took me a little off guard is all." Green eyes observe the ceiling, "In a good way!" he quickly adds.

I lean over and kiss his cheek, as I have taken to doing around this time of night.

His eyelids fall to half cover his eyes and he turns to face me. The air is hot between us as we lay nose to nose; the heat adding a flush to my own cheeks.

'Why does this feel ok?' The thought lazily flows through my mind while we pass a long moment in this comfortable silence.

"Can I kiss you?"

My heart skips a beat with anxiousness but Corrin has his eyes cast down shyly. I know he'll wait if I say I am not ready.

"I don't know how." I tell him truthfully. Kissing master was a game of keeping up, but the slow, sweet kisses I've seen in shows- no, I never learned anything about those.

Corrin props himself up on his elbows and I follow suit.

"Well. Its sorta like how you kiss my cheek. That'll be the first step."

I wait for his instructions. 'Do I lean forward? Should I not be laying on my stomach? Is he going to count down to it-?' My thoughts are quieted as he softly presses his lips against mine. I am stunned for a second, my mind desperately trying to remember what Corrin said I should do and not repeating what it is that I am used to. I kiss his lips like I do his cheek and there is a heavy, contented sigh from him. Not breaking the connection, he parts his lips slightly, only to recreate the same delicate touch. I become clumsy all of a sudden and his small change in position leaves me trying to figure out what it is I should be doing.

"It's ok. Calm down. You're doing really well." He smiles; his voice becoming husky in a warm, non-threatening way. He turns his body, moving the both of us to lay on our sides.

"Is this still alright?" He asks timidly.

I do not speak, I only nod my head, eager to start kissing again; to learn this more pleasant method.

He comes closer, stopping just before our lips meet, waiting for me to close the gap. I obey in and instant, using my turn as a way to play with dominance. I push him back a little, so he is on his back and my arm across his chest. When we separate, we find ourselves blushing, laughing and I conclude that I do not want to stop. I think I'll go along with whatever plan I can see in those emerald orbs because I know it does not involve hurting me.

Corrin's hand buries itself in my hair, rubbing my ear slowly. I purr, giving him the same half lidded look he gave me just moments ago. My tail, the one that started all of this, sways slowly to display my comfort. His hand cups my jaw, guiding me to his mouth once more.

Now when he parts his lips, I follow suit; allowing him to lightly suck and nibble at my bottom lip. I do not think I am ready to try such a thing on him but it sends a heat through me each time.

The hand that had been resting along my jaw moves, slipping through the gap between my arm and the bed, and coming to rest again on my back.

A small moan hitches at the back of my throat but I fight to suppress it. His other hand cautiously lays its warm palm on my hip and I lean into the touch to express my approval. All at once his hold on me tightens and his kiss deepens, loosing the little gasping sound I had been restraining.

I break the moment, pulling away with an embarrassed whimper.

"What's wrong?" The hand on my back pets me in a comforting gesture.

"I don't like when I make those noises."

I want this experience to be different. I do not want to bring the dirty sounds I made with master to this place.

Corrin makes a disappointed sound in his throat, "Well, I like them." I remain silent, struggling to reconcile what I am feeling now and what I felt then. He sits up a bit, planting kisses along my shoulder, collarbone and neck until I relax once more. 'If Corrin likes it, then I'll try not to hold back so much. Maybe it'll be ok this time.'

I lean away from him, baiting him closer until I am the one on my back and he the one hovering over me. He continues to work on my neck and shoulder, pulling with his lips and sending pleasant chills to the tips of my ears.

Without thinking, I let my hand press in the mess of curls, egging him on, wanting more of the sensation. He opens his mouth and his hot tongue makes contact with my neck before his lips close around it, sucking and tugging a bit more forcefully. A shuddering whine of pleasure escapes unhindered. Upon hearing me, Corrin makes his own, purr-like sound and with it, slips his hand under my shirt to run along my side.

My body arches at the touch, and I can feel my member straining against the soft, cotton pajama bottoms, sending yet another shiver through me. He bites gently on my shoulder, running his thumb across my nipple as he does so. I cannot help but become louder. I want more of his touch. Almost a need.

I take my hand away from his hair, gripping the hem of my shirt and pulling it up to my chest. Corrin stop his assault to observe me and I make and inquiring yip, "Off?"

"If you're ok with that." His hand runs over the skin that I've left exposed before he gives me enough space to pull his old shirt off. I tug at his and he obliges, lifting it over his head.

Corrin is not thin, or toned, he has a soft but strong body, one that has held, comforted and healed me. I have been told many times that I am beautiful, but he is beauty to me and I tell him so. He smiles in a way that tells me he doubts my honesty and so I bat him gently on the nose.

"Don't give me that face." I scold him before pulling him to me, tired of look and wanting to feel again the tension we were creating.

It only takes a minute before we are both back to our feverish state, both of us now able to touch and roam the other with our fingers. His hand wanders away from my chest and stomach, stroking the inside of my thighs until my legs obey and spread for him. My heart beats faster as he places himself between them, but I cannot tell if this is fear or excitement.

He pauses, resting his head on my chest.

"I want you." He says, with longing in his voice.

I play softly with his hair, 'He's holding back for me. I want to be able to do this for him.'

"Do it then." My heart races and a bead of fear forms within it. I kiss Corrin deeply before he can ask me if I am certain.

He doesn't immediately begin.

Laying trails of kisses down from my chest to my hips, he takes his time in getting my pants to slide off my legs.

I feel self-conscious.

I would shave for master but I haven't done anything aside from standard trimming in a long while.

My thoughts are halted when I feel a hot, wet warmth slide over the head of my shaft, licking and sucking slowly. I pant, a long moan torn from me as I grip the sheets and try not to buck my hips.

"Wha-what are you doing?" I shiver at the foreign but pleasure filled sensation as he moves his mouth up and down over me.

He lifts his head after giving one last suckle, moving his hand over the wet length as he speaks, "I think you got nervous. You were looking a little soft sooo I decided to help that."

I continue to pant, my muscles tensing rhythmically while he continues, "I've never done that before. Never been with a guy actually." he says, as he licks me from base to tip, earning a squeak, "It's not bad at all." He smiles, and it would appear his plan worked. The fear dissipates long enough for him to scrounge the boxes he brought here on the move. He returns to me with a small, almost full bottle of lube and I look at him curiously.

"I swear, it was already in one of the containers I packed. I had no intention of actually using it."

I force myself to giggle as he tugs his own pants off and begins to lube his fingers. I brace body, expecting him to press a couple of his fingers in, moving them enough to wet my passage. Instead, he rubs the pad of his finger against my opening, not yet venturing inside.

"Relax, sweetie." My ears perk momentarily at the pet name and I obey, telling myself to stop tensing. "That's better." He slips one finger in, just partially. "Relax." The word is softly spoken. I hadn't realized I tensed up again. I breathe and let the tension leave on the exhale.

He get two fingers into me this way with no pain. Corrin pumps them in and out and I find myself pushing back, riding them. Soon, he is able to slip his fingers into me without resistance and as he adjusts himself on his knees, I know that my preparation time is coming to an end.

He leans down, kissing my forehead, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

I nod, trying to calm my nerves and clenching my fists to my chest.

The little bottle is popped open once more and he generously covers himself, cleaning his hand on his discarded nightwear.

"I'm sorry, I'll wash those myself." He promises.

His chest presses against mine and I burrow my face into his shoulder, breathing in his scent and finding security with it. The foreign member presses against me, slipping a few times before finally finding the right spot. He is not as thick as master, and for that I am grateful, but he is still thicker than the girth of two fingers.

"Relax, I promise I'll go slow."

It doesn't seem to matter to him how many times he has to repeat himself. He does so with confidence and kindness.

A pang of fear shoots through me, 'What if he starts out this way but then he loses himself. Will I just try to bear it out? Could I handle it?' I try to shake off the imagery but it will not go away. Instead I push it to the back of my mind, biting my lip and continuing to hide my face. More of him slips inside of me, and there is the first touch of pain. I make a small sound and he stops to kiss my cheek. He remains still for a moment, letting me adjust to him, before pressing onward.

Once I am able to take half of his length, the rest suddenly slides in- aided only by a small thrust. I gasp as I am filled, arching my back and kissing his neck; for mercy or encouragement I do not know.

However, being filled is not the same as being fucked and as he moves his pelvis against me, the gentle, warm encounter I was a part of became colder. Yes, the motions feel good but they are running up against an onslaught of emotion. 'Is having sex with him wrong? Am I corrupting him? Am I bad for giving in to it? Aren't I supposed to hate this? Am I really a slut like master said?'

I fall silent, fighting against the nausea creeping into my blood. It stops feeling good and I pray Corrin doesn't notice. And then I pray that he will. I shiver, petting his side, encouraging him to continue. 'He said he wanted to do this and I want him to feel good. That's why this is part of being a pleasure slave. It makes people feel good.' I swallow against the knot in my throat, trying to be good for him; but I do not realize how tightly my one hand is gripping at the sheets until Corrin speaks up.

"Are you alright?"

"Huh..? Of course." I smile up at him, trying to stop shaking.

"Siyah, you need to be honest with me."

"I am!" I whine, lowering my ears with disdain.

He kisses the tip of my nose, "If you're not ready for this, you need to tell me. I won't be mad."

I bite my lip, "I want you to feel good." I reach up, stroking his cheek.

"Siyah, tell me the truth. Are you ready to do this?"

I whimper, feeling vulnerable. Knowing that if it were master above me, I would be silenced with a hand on my throat. His touch still haunts me and even now I feel him inside of my body instead of Corrin. I clench my teeth shut, tearfully shaking my head. He slowly slides out of me and lays by my side.

"I'm sorry. I'm really sorry." I whisper to him, guilt for failing him pulling at my heart.

"You silly thing. Don't ever be sorry for something like that. You can always tell me to stop. And I think now, with whats happened, I need you to know that."

I nod.

"All the stuff before felt really good. I'm just not at...that point...yet."

A playfulness enters his bright eyes, and he asks if he can touch me. Not mockingly, just proving that he is ready to move past our roadblock and onto what worked earlier. I grab his hand, making him grip my waist and I pull myself closer to him. Being naked has made it much easier to feel the chill in the room and I am happy to feel his heat against my skin.

His lips lock onto mine and we battle as he nips my bottom lips and I suckle at the tip of his tongue. He goes to make his move once more but I mutter,


He halts, seeing the game in my eyes and choosing to obey his earlier words. He rests his nose against my, his cheery face framed by the light brown spirals. The way he is looking at heart flutters and I feel lucky to be able to look back into those caring pools of green. Entranced I make to kiss him but he ducks out of my path with a devious grin.

"Hey! Resume." I smirk, rolling my eyes and pulling him back to me.

We kiss, bite, nibble and lick. His hand grabs at my thigh and he pulls me to grind against him. I openly moan at the electricity tracing its way from my groin to my spine. I do not want to have sex but, soon, something will need to be done. Both of us are painfully hard and I whimper, clutching between my legs. His hand comes over my own.

"Can I?"

"Please.." I blush, not wanting to admit how badly I crave his caress.

I release myself, moaning as he takes me in his palm, using the droplets at the head as lubricant to rub his thumb across the sensitive skin. He stops, finds the little bottle of proper liquid and pours a some onto his hand before continuing. I gasp and twitch involuntarily, keeping a rhythm between his hand and my hips. My vision clouds and the air between has such an intoxicating scent. This I can do for him. This I truly want to do.

I wrap my own hand around his shaft and, using the lube that still clings to him, I begin pumping. He shudders in the same way I am and I can feel his muscles tensing along the back of my hand.

I feel the mounting pressure that I've only experienced twice before. I whimper and moan uncontrollably and it excites Corrin until he is burrowed in the crook of my neck, biting, moaning and then orgasming into my hand. The thick fluid streams over my knuckles, some splashing across my stomach. Satisfied, he pushes me onto my back, and brings me to the edge until I am begging him to let me finish.

Finally he drives me over and he holds me as the waves course through me, leaving me a shivering mess.

We're both breathing heavily, trying to recuperate.

He groans as he rolls off of the bed, returning with his towel and cleaning me off before taking care of himself.

"Do you want a shower?" He asks, tossing the towel and the used pajama bottoms to the floor.

"Is it gross if I say no?"

He shakes his head and we lay there; warm, satisfied and even more connected than before.


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