Dear Mr. President,

Nothing more I know,

At least that's what the Founding Fathers said

Because, hey, aren't you the people's friend?

Would you sit down with me,

So I can ask a few simple questions.

Promise it won't take too long,

Just a minute or two

So it'd be great if you could spare a few.

I just want to get a couple of answers to the following.

Mr. President do you ever feel fear?

Are you proud of what you do?

Do you think you've lived up to your expectations?

Even those of others?

Has all this cracked up to what you thought it would be?

'Cause you know

I've got a pretty simple job,

I'm just a normal student

And I can barely handle that.

So I don't think I could do as well as you.

I can answer my own questions though.

I feel fear a lot, and I don't really care.

I'm proud of what I do, and I hope you are too.

I know I've lived up to my own expectations.

The ones of others I don't really care for.

And for the final one,

Maybe it has but it hasn't been long enough to tell.

Mr. President.

I wouldn't want your job.

I happy where I am,

I hope you are too.

'Cause you are a pretty brave man.