"...Love can bloom just as quickly as a flower can sprout up in May. Nothing can stop love as it grows and grows into something so beautiful it makes roses look down in shame. Who makes the flowers weep? Those who know love." She held her breath in anticipation, trying to spot him in the small audience past the blinding lights. Finally, the lights dimmed as her cue to leave. It seemed as if crickets chirped as she took the few steps from the stage to her table. Just as she was about to fling herself into Josh's arms in utter humiliation of her failure, the small coffeehouse erupted into cheers. She looked around, shock filling her features while everyone cheered for her performance. Relief spread through her when she saw Josh's expression. Pride, adoration, love...it was all there making her stomach fill with happy soaring butturflies. He pulled her into his arms and whispered in her ear. "That was amazing, V," and kissed her softly on the cheek. "Yeah?" V, Vanessa, began doubting it. Maybe she shouldn't have done this, what if it was a huge mistake bearing part of her private thoughts like that? But these thoughts vanished when she looked up at Josh, her soulmate, again. There was so much love in his eyes and she knew he was telling the truth. "Yes. It was...fantastic, beautiful." And he smiled, kissing her again. She smiled back and then settled back into their seats to watch the next artist/author.

At the end of the night, she had to admit, that her performance was the highlight of the show. "...I mean truly amazing! Where did you come up with that? I knew you were good but that was...wow! What was your inspiration?" Josh had been going on like this, praising her mediocre reading to no avail and going a bit overboard. But it did make her feel good, great actually, having someone admire her work. Even though it was the biased, in-love Josh. They had been together as long as she remembered. Either best friends or lovers since they were at least age ten and ten years later their feelings hadn't changed one bit for each other. They were meant for one another and planned on staying together forever. It was corny and cheesy but that's how they truly felt towards each other.

They walked on a sidewalk towards V's apartment where Josh had just recently moved in. It used to seem empty and too big with just one tenant but now it was a cozy little love nest for the two. Snow began to lightly fall while their arms swung in-between them. While Josh was still going on about the show, V admired the scenery. It was a cute setting; the lovely couple walking along at first snow with the beautiful New York, New York lights surrounding them. She sighed, happily content with her life…for the moment.

Josh's hand was abruptly pulled from hers, she whipped her head to the side to see what was wrong and a terrified gasp ripped out of her throat.

A man had a knife to Josh's throat, he stared at V threateningly. "Give me your purse or I slit his throat so you can watch him bleed."

Shock and fear filled her as she fumbled to give over her purse. "Please don't hurt him," she nearly sobbed.

"Just give me the money!" The violent man roared at her. She looked up into his eyes as she handed over the money; dark brown eyes, tanned skin, taller than Josh so he had that advantage, and also bulkier. Not with fat though. By the way his black long-sleeved shirt pulled and stretched over his biceps she could tell it was all muscle. There was one detail she had missed though. A black teardrop in the corner of his eye. If she was not mistaken, this was to mean he killed someone… A murderer had her soulmate captive. She realized this as his left hand snatched her purse and his right one which was holding the knife, slid across Josh's throat. It left a fine line of red from the bottom of each ear. The man pushed Josh down to V's feet and took off in the other direction.

She dropped to her knees, feeling the cold snow already seeping into her leggings. Red snow that was sure to leave a stain. Red? V looked down in puzzlement, her mind frazzled. Quickly, she rolled Josh over onto his back and saw the blood bleeding out his neck at an amazingly terrifying speed. Tears started rolling down her face. "Josh? Josh!" But he was unresponsive. His hands were cold, not just from the snow, and his face paler than what it should've been. "Josh you have to wake up!" She yelled. His blood covered both their shirts and she laid her head on his cheek, tears falling off her face and onto his. "No…no…no…you can't die…no..." She whispered. "Please Josh, stay with me." But no matter how much she pleaded, she cannot bring back the dead.

As she lie there, the lightly falling snow turned to heavy snowflakes. After some time, clinging to his body and the tears never stopping only increasing with each broken-hearted sob the was wrenched out of her, flashing lights appeared, red and blue. "Miss! Miss, what's happened?" But she too, was unresponsive to the policeman. Her body was cold and lips blue while her mind was in too much shock to do anything. She couldn't let go. Her soulmate… And another, more violent, sob erupted from her lips while the policeman called for backup.

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