The wind screamed like a demon clawing its way into the heavens, deafening in its fury. Rain fell in torrents, moving like a solid wall of water through the night, drenching me so deeply that my very soul was threatening to fall apart at its damp seams like paper in a hurricane.


Was it my voice, or the monster's in my head? Yellow eyes beamed savagely at me, impossibly visible in the onslaught of the heavens. This couldn't be happening, I'd been so careful-


"No!" I screamed. My voice was too raw, not mine. I never sounded like that. "You promised!" Could anyone hear me? Could he hear me?


The mud sucked at my bare feet, thorns stabbing wounds like shards of glass. I buckled, turned, ran. Branches whipped my naked arms with cruel brutality.


Too late. Everything bled, blurred together. The world ran red, the moon turned scarlett.

Oh, ?