Authosr's note: Hey there! I'm back with another romantic poem! This poem was written because my love is coming back home for Christmas! I'm so excited to see him again after not seeing him in a year and three months...yep, I'm counting. In a month he's coming back, and I have a date with him on Christmas Eve! So, this poem basically talks about my feelings towards his return. As always, constructive criticism is accepted, flames will be deleted. Hope you guys enjoy it! See ya!

Just one month to go

The pretty stars are shining,

The white moon is gleaming,

My broken heart isn't aching,

You are coming home.

The days seem a lot brighter,

The nights seem a lot shorter,

I might as well feel a lot happier,

I will see you again.

Being alive feels great again,

I think I might be going insane,

For I know I will be feeling pain,

But I don't care anymore.

Just one month to go baby,

And I will hold you tight.

Just one month to go honey,

And you will know it all.

Just one month to go lovely,

Oh darling, just one more.