Friends in Odd Places

Chapter 2: Lunch

Summary: Jim just wanted to clean the bathroom and go home, but someone was in the shower.

'... So we all wound up on court playing,' May said, grinning. She paused in her description of her day to pack a couple of hot chips into her mouth. The tomato sauce stained her lips red. 'At first I thought the other coach and I would be dominating the game, but the parents held their own pretty well. I guess they've been training at home with their kids.'

'And what did the kids think of their coaches and parents battling it out?' Jim asked.

He grabbed the last chip from the bowl before his friend could scarf it down.

May beamed. 'They loved it! They were cheering and screaming on the sides.' Much to Jim's amusement, she did a little jig in her chair, singing, 'Go Mum, go Dad, kick her arse Coach May!'

'Really?' Jim's eyebrows were raised.

May settled down.

'Pretty close. Though they weren't singing.' She reached into the bowl and looked into it when her fingers found no chips.

'Oh. All gone. Want to walk around, Jim?'


They left the outside café table and walked along the street together. It had been sunny in the morning, but now at noon, large bodies of puffy white cloud were darkening and spreading slowly across the sky.

May and Jim walked off their second lunch together and talked; first about the sports tournament at the school where May worked, then about Jim's funnier experiences working at the motor camp that was their home.

'So I'm wiping down the tables,' he said, 'and all of sudden the lights all go out. It was pretty dark. They went quiet for a moment, then they started getting noisy and talking loud.'

'Better than panicked screaming,' May remarked.

'Oh, heck yeah,' Jim agreed. 'That's teenagers for you. Anyway, they're saying,

"What the hell, who buggered up the power?" and I'm just wiping the tables, and then one of the guys,' Jim laughed, 'One of them says very nonchalantly but loud enough for everyone to hear,

"Get your hand off my lap, Matt."'

'Really?' May grinned. When Jim nodded, she burst out laughing.

'Yeah, they did that too,' he said. 'Cracked up laughing, that is.' Jim smiled.

'Hey, Jim,' May came down from her high. 'Look, there's the sports shop. Want to pop in?'

'Sure, why not?' Jim followed May into the street shop filled with sporting clothes and equipment. He wandered through the shelves of weights and padding gear and stopped by the electronic equipment.

'Mp3forsports,' he read aloud. 'Listen to your favourite music on the go. I could use one of these while I'm cleaning.'

It was nearly half an hour later when they left the store. By now, more than half the sky was clouded over.

'You didn't already have an Mp3?' May asked incredulously upon seeing Jim's purchase.

He raised his eyebrows at her.

'Sorry, Jim. I sounded like a kid there.' She shook her head. 'I was just surprised. It seems as though everyone has an Mp3 or an iPod these days. Even the kids I teach. We actually use them in p.e, you know. I plug one into the gym sound system when we have a class inside. What kind of music do you like anyway?'

'A bit of everything,' Jim replied. 'Especially rap and classic. You?'

'The same I guess,' May said thoughtfully. 'Looks like it's going to rain soon. Hey, don't tell anyone this but I have a weakness for boy bands.'

'Seriously?' Jim asked disbelievingly. 'Boy bands?'

May nodded, smiling.

'Oh, so what was it that you were humming the other night?'

'My Love, by Westlife.'

'Westlife, huh? I haven't heard anything about them in years.' Jim stopped and held out his hand.


'Here comes that rain, May.'

Twenty minutes later, two very wet people ducked into the motor camp public bathrooms, clutching their dry clothes to their chests.

'That was fun,' May called through the small gap between the wall and ceiling. 'Do you want to come to my place after this?'

'Sure,' Jim called back from the men's room. He pulled a cubical door shut.


'What have you got?'


'Love Actually, several Harry Potter DVDs, Whinnie the Pooh, Spirited Away,'

Jim stripped off his wet clothes and got under the hot water. He shuddered feeling the sudden difference in temperature.

'Stargate, HowToTrainYourDragon-'

'I've got that one too,' Jim noticed. 'Keep going.'

'Titanic, The Phantom of the Opera, Doctor Who, Astro Boy, I Am Legend,'

'How about Harry Potter? I haven't seen it in a while.'

'Okay. Popcorn and hot chocolate?'

'Sounds good.'

After a pause, May said,

'Funny how we seem to be meeting in bathrooms.'

'Yeah... Last time we both over there.'

May laughed.

'Ha ha, but not this time. Cleaning is one thing, but we're not sharing a public women's bathroom.'

'You could come over here,' Jim suggested as a joke. 'I won't tell anyone you were in the men's room.'

'In your dreams, Jimmy.'