Trustworthy Conspiracy

The Moon Howls At The Wolf

A Story about the consequences to not leaving things as they are.

I think back to that moment

Where everything went wrong,

Where I felt excluded and tormented

By those who I thought were my friends

Celebrating my tenth year of life

Without me, at my own house.

I pondered why children were so cruel,

Why I was all alone when ten or twenty of my closest friends

Were conspiring within the doll house

Not ten yards away,

Possibly not five.

It was my duty to force them to come play,

To bend them to my will,

To cultivate my own happiness.

And so I barged in.



Except I did not ruin their fun

I ruined my own.

Because low and behold, they were organizing

A grand birthday surprise.

And now I can never know

The joy I would have felt

If my own insecurity had not interfered

With my attempt at happiness.

So forever I am alone.

Author's Note: Wriiteen November 22nd 2011, my brother's birthday. This is my first post in a while, because I kind of fell out o the poetry groove, although we havbeen doing alot of analysis in my AP Literature class. This is my attempt to utilize the technique of emjambment and mix up punctuation marks. If you don't know what enjambmet is, I suggest you look it up, it contributes to how you read the poem as a whole (without taking a breath between lines unless otherwise indicated by a comma or period). Hope you liked it, and PLEASE review!

Thank You,

The Moon Howls At The Wolf