I am young, two young to bear

All the pain I endeavor

The endless nights of beating

The hopelessness of hope

I try, oh so hard I do

To be stronger, and make it out alive

But the pain is so great

And I am to young, to young to bear the pain

I pray he forgets every night

All about his ritual, the one he created,

When I was a young girl

The one where I'm beaten to a pulp and there is no such thing called hope.

Where I see no light, no possible light

That'll get me through this pain

I am to young, to young to bear it

Its driving me insane

I yell for help, and scream for mercy

But mercy's not in his name

All he knows is how evil goes

And wrecks my life anyway

I cringe away form those who try

To help me in this time of need

But I've dealt with it for just so long

Will it be an eternity?

An eternity to which I take, the scars and beating

On my face, my body, my mind

I can't think straight, I'm forever emotionally blind

If only I had someone to talk to

If only I'd listen to the few that cared

Maybe I wouldn't be in this mess no longer

I'd be free

That's all I want is freedom

All I need is love

Something more than the endless beatings

Something purer than a dove

So look inside, the emptiness

Of which you see in me

And please oh please remember

(Oh yes as I die slowly)

Never forget about me