Your Name

A name as a written word:

Letting it flitter upon your retinas

Brings almost as many heart-shaped fireworks

As it seeping past eardrums

The delicate curves of r's and n's

Mimicking the smirk of your mischievous mouth

-I miss that smirk-

Photos would shatter my being

The thought of your face sends waterfalls rushing through my sheltered core

And rips of powerful nothings run off coursing through my veins

Hearing the name; tragedy at my front doorstep

You're out there somewhere breathing

Yet the absence of the presence is cutting away

At my meticulously confounded memory

-I know you're out there and you're thinking of me too-

As simply drawn as pen to skin your verses have remained

Retain them; little they are

As are you, love


It's not eligible to be compared with your nameā€¦

A name: it molds to the craters of a heart that stays smooth

Despite that it freezes, shattered in my chest