A Red Butterfly can change everything. Even the cycle of life itself.

Life was simple: Birth, life, and then death. But I never quite thought ahead of that feature. What lies beyond that? Is there a world after death? A life before birth? You don't think about these things when you're thirteen.

Well, I'm fourteen now. And these things plague my mind every day. I was just a simple middle school student, worrying about test exams and if I'll get a date to my school dance. I didn't think that a Red Butterfly could actually change my life.

My name is Akane Konno. And it's ironic really. A Red Butterfly changed my life, and my name means: 'a brilliant red.' And it was true. That Butterfly was a brilliant red.

If there's one thing I know, it's that once you're in something, there's no way out. You're stuck in a whirlpool of events, waiting for the truth to just make itself known. But the Truth won't come out on its own. You must lure it out, waiting, always watching. Just for the right moment to pounce. But even then you're attempts are in vain. The Truth won't ever truly be out. For there's always a Truth inside a Truth. You must search for the Truth hidden within the Truth.

Confusing, right? Yeah, I didn't understand that at all in the beginning either.

If there's another thing that I learned, it would be that there are more questions than answers. And the answers are swallowed up in a chain of actions and lies that you must uncover. But that is never simple. For the human mind can become discouraged in a moment's notice. It may be confusing, but in time, the answer will come to you.

The reason behind the majority of questions is, that without you knowing, you have answered it yourself. For another reason, questions are meant to be answered themselves. They are trying to uncover the answer themselves, and they need help.

That's where you come in. You help that question find its answer by asking the question. And in the process, finding the answer out yourself. For the best answers, are ones you find yourself.

They say a Red Butterfly is a sign of peace. Some say it's the sign of a full blown war. On my fourteenth birthday, I found out that life was fragile. And that the Red Butterfly is the sign of death. And I will continue to fight my demons. Until my sign of death shows itself.

-Akane Konno