Drive my soul…

As he drove on the lonely road through the moonless night. The pitch-black night engulfing the car head lights as he speeded by. No matter how fast he goes, he can't pass the darkness.

As he drove on, a deer suddenly appeared making him stop and suddenly hit the curb. It spins, and rolls along the air like an angel only to fall hard on the asphalt. Tumble, tumble, tumble and stop. The silence of scratching metal and creaking plastic stopped ever so soundly. No one here's to see him, no ones here to save him. He might as well hang upside down and not care if he lives or dies… life was pointless for him now.

As hanged there, blurry eyed and dizzy. The darkness seemed to disappear as the lights appeared. The screeching halt of rubber tires and the sound of people shouting makes him depress. The Ambulance saving him injures him. The people getting him out killed him. The 'lift-him-into-the-ambulance' made him dead. Emotionally, not physically.

Hours later…

Beep, Beep, Beep!

The sounds of the machine kept him company. He was in the Hospital already and he managed to loose a lot of blood. But he's breathing still. Which makes him sad.

He's knows he's being melodramatic. But loosing someone you love is something he can't pass by. It makes him empty. A voided space of emptiness, the type that can't fill up entirely, and the one that makes him feel dead.

Dead, but can't be killed. His arms were bandage completely. His left eye was covered, and his entire torso plus the back of his neck didn't make things better either. But he wasn't bothered since he's sleeping.

Dreaming and reminiscing the past when it was brighter.

He remembered his first time he met her. It was beginning of Middle School where he lost control of his skateboard. He crashed into a girl straight away. That's how they met when they shared a bandage to the arms straight away. They laughed and smiled as he stood there watching.

The Scene melted and it came to a scene of a street at night. The lights and the moon were gone, but he can see someone faraway. It was him and her from when they were in 9th grade.

It was a summer evening and they got back from the cinema. They were sharing a bike with each other. Him peddling the bike as she sat on the handle. She wore a flashlight on her head as peddled. They were talking about school until he accidental hit a curb. It send them flying towards the soft grass where the bike fell on it's side.

They slowly stared at the sky before staring at each other wide eye, burst in laughter as they got up and smiled at the star light sky as hands over lay each other.

He stood there and smiled, his hair covering his eyes as a non-existent wind blow towards him changing the scene to an empty parking lot at midday.

Screech, bang and crack.

He turned around behind him to see a red car hitting a wooden sign of an old lady.

The girl, who is 16, was in the driver seat. Next to her was her drivers Ed teacher who was now scolding her. Behind her was him when he was smiling and laughing at her. She made a 'Your-so-mean' face and the teacher was scolding him. Making him frowned and silence.

Next thing later after a blink of an eye, he was standing in the empty parking lot at night.

He saw a car driving around in circles at the middle of the park a lot, behind the wheel was the girl again. Next her was him.

As she smiled towards her success, he smiled dreamily and said 'You can drive my soul if you want to',

'But what happen if I lose control?' she questioned.

'I'll show you the way', he spoke and surprised her with a kiss.

He sat at the back seat, looking towards them smilingly weakly. Yet sadly enough what happened next after the scene started shifting.

It was them, now shouting at each other in the car in front of her house. They were arguing whether or not they should go to different colleges away from each other.

"YOU CAN'T CONTROL MY LIFE!" she screamed as she barge out the car and slammed the door. Leaving him to sit there at silence as she entered her house.

As He sat there, he began to reflect that statement before turning on the engine and playing their favorite song "Drive my soul by Lights".

As he drove away, he bought the scene with him and left his present self in a white room. It was empty and lifeless, yet he felt sleepy and started falling.

As he fell slowly, his bandage slowly appeared on his arms, torso and face. A bed fabricated behind him as he fell on it. A Pillow and blanket materialized slowly as well with the machine that was with him in the hospital room.

A window appeared and shined bright light onto his skin; he closed his eyes and felt back at the place he was now.

As he slept, he felt a soft hand rubbing against his face. He couldn't help but slowly grab it and opened his eyes.

There he saw that lovely face of hers, the raven hair that makes her crazy and the dark brown eyes that made him in love. The bandage she still had plastered on her face, and the smile that melted him returned the empty feeling back whole.

"I'm Sorry that I lost control," she whispered as she slowly disappeared. Loosing her touch as he felt the hands of sleepiness dragging back to death.

Meanwhile in the room he was sleeping.

The girl he was in love with sat there, waiting for him. Her tears etching and snaking down her cheeks as it patted onto a pair of LIGHTS concert tickets. Then dripped onto a photograph of him and her happy together in a Blue beetle.

"When your gone", she sniffed.

"Will I loose control", she cried as she slowly tried to cradle herself to sleep when she thinks everything is gone from her,

"Who will drive my Soul?" she cried her last words to sleep.