On the eve of the English Civil War, King Charles I and Queen Henrietta Marie share an intimate moment. Please comment nicely!

January, 1642

The long road north led through cold and desolate country, and as he looked out the frosted carriage window King Charles I was filled with doubt and misgiving.

"Perhaps I was wrong to enter Parliament by force," he said, rousing the dark, full-figured beauty dozing by his side. "Perhaps I should have found, ah, some more moderate course. Perhaps if we had taken more time to deliberate, to think things through . . ." The king's long fingers nervously stroked his narrow pointed beard.

"Dear Charles, zat is absolute nonsense! You must be firm with zese rebels, firm and how you say, determined." Queen Henrietta Marie sat up straight and gave her husband a determined look, her black eyes snapping with impatience. When the queen was angry, a tide of crimson colored her cheeks. Her firm and bountiful bosom rose and fell with emotion. And her French accent grew more marked, so "these" became "zese" and "that" became "zat."

"Yes, my dear. We must be firm." Charles felt a bit ashamed. Lately he had been having great difficulty with another sort of firmness. Doubtless it was only the stress of being a king.

"You are a king, Charles," Henrietta Marie murmured, in her husky voice. She moved closer to him in the carriage, her musky perfume enfolding him in a cloud of passion. "You will triumph! All you need do is be a king. And trust me, my love. Put yourself entirely in my hands . . ."

"Yes, my love. Oh, yes!" The king gasped in shock and delight as the queen's clever hands caressed his breeches. He threw his arms around her neck, desperate to feel her hot mouth scalding his. The royal couple kissed passionately. Henrietta moaned in a way that showed she was heedless of the passing miles, of the passing of time. She was even heedless of the terrible fate that awaited them.

Charles wasn't. But when his beautiful wife made love to him, he didn't feel afraid. He felt firm and unconquerable.

Just like a king.

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