Dennis was in the empty gym, practicing basketball. He had grown bored of merely dribbling, and was now ready to shoot baskets.

The man ran toward one basket, bouncing the ball beside himself. When he got close enough, he leaped and tossed a hook shot. The ball came down and Dennis grabbed it before it could bounce a second time. He ran to the 3-point line, turned, and saw something odd.

The hoop was missing from the backboard.

Puzzled, Dennis dribbled the ball toward the opposite end of the court. He stopped at the 3-point line and froze just as he was aiming his next shot.

This side was also lacking a hoop.

Dennis stood there and looked up and down the court in confusion. He was the only person in the gym, so he couldn't ask anyone to fix the basket. He doubted a pair of spare hoops would be laying around for him to find. Even if they were, there was no ladder to help him reach that high.

So Dennis decided to go back to practicing his dribbling.

The moral of the story is, a person needs to set goals in order to prosper. A person who does not set goals will likely live their life without achieving major success and value to the world. Much like a basketball player without a basket to aim for will wander the playing field with nothing on his side of the scoreboard.