I want to talk to you,

But the words won't come out of my mouth.

I wanna know why you did it.

After all these years,

You just walk away like it meant nothing.

Leaving me to pick up the pieces,

While you snatch attention from someone else.

I thought we were friends.

I thought we were like sisters.

But my mistake.

When you grabbed your coat and walked away to him.

He's just some guy;

He'll come and go.

But I would have stayed.

I'd have picked you up,

When he knocked you down.

How could you just sit there?

While he spoke to me like that.

I know I can fight my own battles,

But it meant more to know you were there behind me.

Standing by my side.

Though you hid in the corner,

Like you weren't really there.

But I knew you were there.

So much for being the peace keeper.

You're not on the fence, you're on his side!

I know we knew what he was like.

So why can't you understand that I had to stop the hurt.

I had to say something before he twisted everything that was good,

And turn it into an emotional scar that I have to wear on my heart.

But when all that is said and done,

You refused to meet my eye.

You spoke to him,

But I received an icy cold shoulder.

So I walked away.

And now you realise that I'm gone.

But I want you to know why I left.

I want you to open your eyes and read between the lines.

Please before it's too late.

I want to be there for you,

But how can I when all I get is a broken heart.